Fixing feathers...

Got your Halloween candy bought for the week? Remember, those Reece’s cups are mine! The Editor and I are in Hilton Head South Carolina checking out some future sites for relaxation. One of the things I have had to do a lot in the past 40 years of marriage is wait on the Editor to fix her hair. Not that I am complaining because it is well worth the time she takes to present herself. But she was born with some naturally curly hair and spends a lot of time, money and effort to straighten it out. I keep telling her hairdresser Janet, “You can’t fix stupid and you can’t straighten curly.”

  While on the dock recently I spotted a local Tricolored Heron hunting for minnows in the early morning light. I was hoping it would fly across the channel in front of me to hunt so I could get some good reflection shots but alas it had other things on its bird brain instead. After snacking on a few minnows, it flew over the lagoon to the old pier and began to preen. It reminded me of the Editor in some ways. That bird had to fix every feather on its body it seemed. My arms got tired holding the doohickey trying to capture each effort. It started under its wings, moved to the sides, then the back and even around to the its tail feathers. Meticulously it picked and preened and poked until each feather was just right. Then the neighbor’s dog spotted me and started raising such a ruckus I had to leave.  

  Fixing feathers takes time, and like everything worth doing it makes a difference in the end. Look how nice the Tricolored Heron looked when done. Each feather on a bird serves a purpose. If the very hairs on our head are numbered, I suppose they do too. Glad I still have some even it is a bit gray. Blessings. 

Clouds over the Broward..

Tricolored Heron hunting minnows in the outgoing tidal stream.

Got one!

Down the hatch!

My feathers are all messed up now!

After morning minnow hunting it is time for fixing feathers..

Check this underwing pits …phew..

Now those side to be just right..

Tail feather adjustments

I think my neck is stuck…help!

All clear in the rear..

One more feather to fix..

Looking good now..

Shy Tri…gives me a glance over its shoulder..

It takes time to get these feathers looking this good but I am sure worth it! Just ask the Editor..

The heck with Reece’s cups, Broward Bob enjoys a nice Spider snack instead!

Sunset on the Broward…

Sunset on the Broward…


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