Early Bird...

Are you an early bird or a late riser? Thanks to a certain feline resident I am getting up a lot earlier than I want to (between 3 and 4 am). Fall weather is sweeping across the Broward finally giving us a little relief from the high heat and humidity. I see a few early birds out in the channel. Time for a cup of coffee. 

  Does the early bird really get the worm? Bacon and eggs sound much better to me but then again, I am not a marsh bird. George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron seems to love them though. These worms are not your usual earthworms found in the grass. These are some sort of marsh mud worms (or eel?). And are they strong! It seems like George had to shake them up a lot to be able to swallow them. Some images appear to show the worm getting the best of ole George as if twisting his head. But in the end, George the early bird, indeed got the worm. He also spit up a pellet of undigested crab shell parts (the worm must have given him indigestion). George will be leaving the Broward any day for parts unknown and hopefully return in the spring.  The other night herons (Black-crowned) were also up early. From the looks of those red eyes I would say they were up all night and need some sleep.

  Think I will get the Editor up and have some bacon and eggs now. You have a blessed fall day.

Morning sun-fire on the horizon..

George is definitely an early riser..

Yawn!…time to wake up

Do I smell coffee there Mr. Doohickey?

A little yoga to get the blood flowing…and stretch those limbs..

Time to head for the dock

The tide is right for hunting worms…

George pulls a ferocious marsh mud worm out of the muck..then a fight begins..

For a brief moment the worm appears to have the upper hand nearly twisting George’s head off..but it was a short lived effort…

Got another one..fiesty lil guy too!

Let go of my head..

Close inspection reveals they may be a species of eels rather than worms…

Gulp! Down the hatch…

That worm must have given George indigestion, he spits up a crab shell pellet..

A Black-crowned Night Heron flies over the Broward

The red-eyed Black-crowned Night Herons are also up early or most likely stayed up all night from the looks of those eyes.

Hmmm…I will have some minnows, those worms don’t look too tasty to me

Who needs worms when you have a pair of nuts like these!

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