Who dat?

     Summer days are just around the corner. Subtropical Storm Alberto has come and gone with more storms to come.  Recently tried out my Barred Owl “Ibird app” connected to a Bluetooth speaker. A pair of Barred Owls have been seen in the area and I hoped to call them in for photo op. Got more than I bargained for.

     Barred Owls usually stay within a six-mile radius.  I was looking in the school yard trees where they used to be only to walk home and find them in my front yard. With a familiar “Who, Who, Who cooks for you” call, I looked up to see not only one owl but three looking down at me! A mother and two fledglings were in my oak tree The two owlets were sitting on a branch bobbing their heads looking at me and wondering “Who Dat” with the big Doohickey thing. Later I called the male out of hiding too. The large brown eyes of the two fledglings were mesmerizing. I am fairly confident this is the same mating pair that has been in the area for several years. I named the owlets Fuzzy and Wuzzy. Although I tried again to call them, they never returned to my tree. The bird rookery at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine is also still full of young egrets and herons and other hatchlings too. Hope you enjoy them too. 

     Shorebird nesting season has also begun, and I am starting my summer bird stewarding duties twice a week. My main duty will be to keep the rednecks from driving on the beach where the baby birds are and try to educate beachgoers on the nesting shorebirds. Hope you all have a wonderful summer too! 

Female Barred Owl photo from a few years ago I called into the front yard..decided to try again

I do believe this is the same female looking at me from my oak tree..

My, what big brown eyes you have there...

We see you Mr Doohickey...hooted Fuzzy and sibling Wuzzy..

Another pair of siblings argue over who Mom likes the best..Great Egret hatchlings..

Cattle Egret male in breeding plumage..nice hair feathers!

Snowy Egret breeding display

Tricolored Heron in breeding plumage...geesh and me ready for Medicare...birds got it made..

Roseate Spoonbill on the Broward with a fish snack..

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