The Bluebird Chronicles

     Summer is officially a few days away, but the heat and humidity are already here. Two of the approximately 20 million Eastern Bluebird population are nesting in my backyard Bluebird box and are on brood number two. The marsh birds are still few and far between so with coffee in hand I begin to chronicle this colorful little thrush.

     A clutch of five pale blue eggs lined the nest a few weeks ago. Recently the Editor and I took a quick peek by lifting the blue bird box access while the parents were away getting bugs.  Four gray fuzzy headed hatchlings were snug in the nest. Their eyes were still closed. From the privacy of my bird blind I then observed the parents bringing a multitude of insects and grubs to the nest. One of the parents will then do the “Pooh duty” carrying out the doo-doo. I placed a perch stick on top of the nest.  The bright blue feathered male loves to sit there with bug in mouth while its mate is in the box feeding the hatchlings. He then enters the nest and provides his snacks to the hungry beaks before doing his cleaning duties. The hatchlings should fledge soon and hopefully I will capture the event. Fast forward seven days. I looked out the back window and saw a small bird clinging to the screen porch. One of the bluebirds had fledged and was afraid to let go of the screen. The parents kept flying near and coaxed it into the nearby oak tree finally. By the next day all four of them had fledged.   Can't thing of a better way to celebrate Fathers Day than watching this Bluebird daddy see his young ones fly. Bye Bye Bluebirds.

     Bluebirds and babies make me smile. With all the negative news around, we all need something to smile about. Life is a gift to be enjoyed. I see your cheeks turning up right now. Smile. Blessings.

Male Eastern Bluebirds are a brilliant royal blue on the back and head, and warm red-brown on the breast

"Blue tinges in the wings and tail give the grayer females an elegant look."

Four fuzzy gray heads with their eyes still closed were in the nest when we sneaked a quick peek 4 Jun 18.

Blue Angel delivering food to the babes..

A flash of brilliant Blue wings after bug delivery..

Is the coast clear.?..hmmm I see you Mr Doohickey!

I think I will put this Pooh in Mr Doohikeys bird blind...

Daddy Bluebird is always on watch and providing for the babes..Just like our heavenly Father does..

On 12 June I noticed a little bird clinging to the back porch screen

The approximately 50 foot flight to the screen petrified the little bluebird. 

Daddy Bluebird was frantic, flying from the nest to the roof of the porch..

Come on baby birdie, let's fly

Finally we had lift off and away they flew...Bye Bye Bluebirds..Godspeed and blessings!



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