Beauty is only feather deep...

     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is often said. September is finally here, and do I have a beauty to share with you today. I wish I could say the weather is beautiful, but it is still a bit muggy here in the deep south. Hopefully the humidity will clear out soon when the fall frontal systems bring some cool refreshing air over the region. Good bye Bermuda High! Hope the hurricane spares the east coast. 

     Sitting on the dock, looking beautiful as ever was one of our local Wood Storks. Per the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology: “Large, white Wood Storks wade through southeastern swamps and wetlands. Although this stork doesn't bring babies, it is a good flier, soaring on thermals with neck and legs outstretched. This bald-headed wading bird stands just over 3 feet tall, towering above almost all other wetland birds.” They are mostly seen in the southeast in the states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Some other facts. To keep the nestlings cool, the parents will regurgitate water over them. Sounds like fun at the water park? The association of storks and babies was made popular by Hans Christian Anderson’s fable “The Storks” written about the beautiful European White Stork. My fable is the ugly stork has to deliver the ugly babies.  The oldest Wood Stork recorded was a bit over 20 years old.  Bacteria in the mud destroy this bird's head feathers when it feeds giving it a unique look to say the least.  While my still shots reveal a dire need for the latest miracle anti-wrinkle cream, these storks are masters of flight and I love to watch them soar by. 

     You can’t tell a book about its cover. You have to read it. You can’t assume this is an ugly bird by its appearance either. It is unique and a beauty to see. Hope you enjoy! Blessings. 

Morning breaks over the Broward

Found this beautiful Wood Stork on the dock this week

You must not love me for my looks alone...after all beauty is only feather deep!

Got to keep my feathers looking fine!

Do you think that new wrinkle cream will reduce the bags under my eyes and on my forehead ?

Sorry, lost my head there for a moment!

Off to the beauty parlor and then to Janet's to get my hair feathers done!


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