Sea Oat Sunrise

     Did you ever try to learn a new skill or expand your horizons? One of my photographic goals this year is to get out of my “bird comfort zone”  and learn to photograph landscapes, sunrises, sunsets and learn some new camera techniques. There is a real active group of photographers that I shoot with called Photo Walk Amelia. Lead by Scott and Dawna Moore, they get folks together to shoot many of the local sites at sunrise, moonrise, moonset and other events around Amelia Island and just plain have fun with other photographers. It is amazing what you can learn by just watching someone else and asking questions. 

     Per Wikipedia…”Uniola Paniculata, more commonly known as sea oats or seaside oats is a tall subtropical grass that is an important component of coastal sand dune and beach plant communities in southeastern United States, eastern Mexico and some Caribbean islands. Its large seed heads turn golden brown in late summer give the plant its common name. Its tall leaves trap wind-blown sand and promote sand dune growth, while its deep roots and extensive rhizomes act to stabilize them, so the plant helps protect beaches and property from damage due to high winds, storm surges and tides. It also provides food and habitat for birds, small animals and insects.” I tried my wide angle lens at 10-22mm and captured the Sea Oat Sunrise. I used an in camera HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique to try an capture the range of colors as the sun rose through the clouds. I hope you enjoy them.

     Try getting out of your comfort zone this week and attempt something new, improve a skill or learn a new one. You are never to old to learn. Blessings.

Sea Oats, a tall subtropical grass is an integral and important part of a healthy coastal dune environment.

Sea Oat Sunrise at 22 mm on the wide angle lens

Sea Oat Sunrise captured at 10 mm, a bit wider view using in camera HDR..which do you prefer?

The Sea Oat heads are turning golden brown..soon they will be gone till spring..

View down the beach..

Had to get some birds in there somewhere...Pelicans flying down the beach..

Brown Pelican soaring over the sea oat covered dunes..


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