Happy feet...

     It is a Blood Moon over the Broward. In the morning a cool northwesterly breeze blows. The hot humid days of summer have given way to clear blue fall skies and changing colors. Florida fall colors pale in comparison to those bright orange, multi-hued red, and yellow autumn leaves I remember in Ohio. But heck, we have no snow! I will take it. Time for a kayak cruise on the Broward.

     The quest today is those pink-feathered Roseate “Spoonies”. Soon they will leave the area as the fall migrations begin. Two spoonbills have been flying by and feeding near the dock area recently. I launch the kayak as the tide rises and head for the secret hideout. Luck is with me as I spot one across the river on one of their usual “parking spots”.  Drifting the kayak towards the tree, the nervous “Spoonie” begins to “communicate” with me. It gives me a head nod and begins to walk up and down the branch as I close the distance. I pause and just sit there floating and the bird calms down. Time to leave the “parking garage” and head for the secret Broward Bird Hideout. As I paddle up the channel a Roseate Spoonbill flies overhead and towards the hideout too. My paddle dips through the grassy channel as I maneuver the Kayak towards the hideout. Two Spoonies greet me along with a yellow-footed Snowy Egret. It is so hard not to be happy when you have bright yellow feet. The Great Egrets are the first to take flight as usual. Those massive white-feathered wings lift the bird as if in slow motion.

     Heading back to the dock I look up to see a large Bald Eagle (probably female) flying high over the channel. This is the time of year the Eagles return to Florida for their winter breeding season. Now my feet are happy too as I paddle home. The eagles have returned! Be Blessed. Harry

A Blood Moon rises over the Broward..what will this sign mean I wonder? 

My friend Tommy is crabbing on the river..we stop and chat..

Several Roseate Spoonbills have been feeding near the dock recently..

I see you Mr Doohickey!

Spoonie lift off..

Is that you again Mr Doohickey?

The Spoonbill gets a little nervous as I approach on the Kayak..I back off and sit..

The spoonbill is happy now..

It is hard not to be happy when you have Yellow Feet! Hanging out at the Hideout with the Snowy Egret.

Tricolored heron hanging out too!

The Roseate Spoonbill flies in too while I am at the hideout..

The Great Egret watches my approach..

The Great Egret lifts off on broad beautiful white wings..

The eagles have returned to the Broward...now I too have happy feet!

Sunset on the Broward...got happy feet now?

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