Gone are the days of summer..

     It is almost official now, summer will end in two days and fall will begin. How I miss the falling leaves and colors of Ohio this time of year. The beach at Huguenot Park is now void of summer bathers. The hatchlings of the Royal Terns, Laughing Gulls and others have fledged and gone for the most part. The Brown Pelicans are still around as are the Osprey and a few stray visitors. Come, enjoy this waning summers day walk on the beach with me.

     The green Sea-Oat grass, once covering the dunes, has turned golden brown and bends in the gentle warm wind. A lone Willet walks the shoreline, quickly darting here and there as the surf washes over the sand exposing tidbits and treasures. It spots me and cautiously weighs its options. Do I continue towards this Mr. Doohickey or make a run for it? It runs. There is only one Royal “Downy” still protected by a dwindling number of Royal Terns. The surf exposes a lonely star.  A Royal Tern wings by in the morning light. Maybe there is time for that last summer fling? Got to get another fish. Sandpipers and Sanderlings scurry along the waters edge. A lone Great Egret scans the inlet. The Brown Pelicans fly by in formation, then dive into the surf for a morning snack. The Osprey adults bring their hungry juveniles to the surf zone and teach them how to fish. They quickly get the hang of it, leaving a poor mullet to just “hang out” briefly until lunchtime.

     Adieu hot summer and welcome now the coming days of fall and cooler weather. For everything there is a season and a time. A time for every purpose under heaven and on the beach.  It’s time to cool off in Florida now. Blessings. Harry

The Sea Oats are golden brown and bending in the breeze..

A lone Willet walks the shoreline looking for treasure....it spots me and pauses...

Oh no Mr Doohickey..you won't capture me that easy...

One Royal Downy remains with its entourage of protectors...

The surf exposes a star...

A Great Egret scans the inlet ...change is coming..

Sanderlings patrol the surf..

Semipalmated Sandpiper

Ghost Crab keeps its eyes on me..

Pelicans silhouette the sun and surf..

Time to "Shake Off" the summer

I see a fish!

Look ma...I'm an Osprey..!

Juvenile Osprey get the hang of fishing...while the fish hangs around for lunch!

Surf fishing..Royal Tern style..

Wanna fish to celebrate the new fall? How bout for ole summertimes sake then? 

So long summer...see ya next year!

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