The Clappfields and McRail saga continues…Nervous Nellie

     On the 24th of June 2013 (see archives) I introduced you to the epic story of a feud between the Clapper Rail families of the Clappfields and the McRails. I just wanted to follow up on this saga with another update. Although they no longer get into feathered mud brawls there still are some tricks being played out on the Broward between these two families. But now it is mostly all in fun. Here is a little story about Nervous Nellie McRail.

     Ever since the last family feud ended, little Nellie has been afraid to venture out of the safety of the marsh grass for fear she too might be attacked.  Everyone on the Broward calls her Nervous Nellie and pokes fun at her. The Tricolored Heron sees her peek out of the marsh grass early one morning and decides to "pull a few feathers" over her eyes.  Hey, Nellie, did you hear the Red Eyed Night Ghost is flying about? Who? Replies Nellie. The Tricolored Heron says “Surely you have heard about the ghost with fiery red eyes who attacks birds in the middle of the night..I heard it was here on the Broward on the full moon last night and scared a whole flock of birds nearly to death. Why look, there goes some birds now…I'll bet the Red Eyed Night Ghost is about. I get shivers up my feathers just thinking about it. “I’m nnnnot scccared of any ole Ghost" says Nellie. "I’m just out here to get a little early sunnnnshine for a ffffew minutes". The Tricolored Heron waits till she goes by then lets out a BOOO! Nellie nearly jumps out of her feathers…"Not funny!" she cries!

     In the meantime ole sly Clyde Clappfield observes all this from the marsh grass and decides to get in on the action. He waits till Nellie is not looking, starts to hoot-n-holler, then flies out of the marsh and lets out a big screech…Nellie gets so scared she nearly flies out of her feathers again and leaves a large white splotch in the mud. Then she sees it is Clyde. "Nnnot funnnny Clyde..You just wait. I’ll get even with you Clyde Clappfield".  And so the saga will continue another time perhaps..Be Blessed.

It was a full Harvest moon setting early one September morning over the Broward..It

Meet Nervous Nellie McRail…she is scared of her own shadow..

The Tricolored Heron spots her and decides to "pull a few feathers over her eyes"..Nellie, Did you hear about the Red Eyed Night Ghost? 

The Red Eyed Ghost has fiery red eyes and attack Birds in the night…beware, I hear he is about on this September full moon..

Look, see that flock of birds flying…the Red Eyed Night Ghost is around!

I get shivers up my feathers just thinking about it...

I'm not sssscared of no no Ghost..  Oh who is that..ahh just me..whew!

We will see about that ….Booo!

Nellie nearly jumps out of her feathers!

Clyde Clappfield observes Nellie's reaction and decides to get in on the ruse..

I am the Red Eyed Night Ghost…! yells Clyde..

I am coming to EAT YOU!

AHHHHH cries Nellie as she runs away..then she hears Clyde laughing...

That wasn't funny Clyde Clappfield. Wait till I tell the McRails what you will be sorry.   The saga continues..


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