Snares in the air

     It is once again time to venture out Beyond the Broward. Hope you are having some nice fall weather by now. The autumnal equinox has passed and summer has officially ended. Things are cooling down a bit on the marsh and activity is picking up with more varied bird sightings. I decided to venture to the nearby coast to see what shorebirds I might find.

     As I start walking down Blackrock trail to the beach, out of the corner of my eye I saw it. Hanging at just above eye level was a huge cobweb with an immense spider. This particular kind is a golden silk-orb weaver, Nephila clavipe, commonly called a Banana Spider. Further towards the beach I could look up between the trees and the entire sky seemed filled with webs and spiders just waiting to snare some unsuspecting insect out for a morning flight. The webs were mostly above eye level but I had to duck a few to get to the beach. One lone Osprey was there to greet me but it quickly left as I approached for a photo op. It probably wouldn’t be appropriate to repeat what I think it said to me. The beach was nearly deserted. Some movement in the rocks catch my eye and finally I spot a Willet walking warily among the rocks (can you say that three times real quickly)  in the company of a small sandpiper.  As it strolls the beach probing for food, it stops and comes up with a tidbit. I move in for a closer shot and the Willet takes wing and gives me a breathtakingly beautiful full wing profile capture. I decide to also check out the State Park but it is even more deserted except for a family from Ohio who are surf fishing and catch a ray. I take some photos for them of their big catch. Watch out for that tail barb. While on the way home I also had to stop while a gopher tortoise crossed the road. They sure are slow.  The secret spoonbill hideout is my next stop. They were there by the dozens. Hope to return there soon and set up a blind if possible.

     Life is full of cobwebs that snare the unwary traveler. They are hard to see and woe to the one who gets entangled in their sticky web. What have you unknowingly stepped into lately that made you think twice? Lies are kinda like those spider webs. Make sure you don’t get caught in one. Be blessed. Harry 

I look up just in time to avoid this Banana Spider and its web.

A closer look shows the sky nearly covered with cobwebs and spiders. A flying bug would find it hard to avoid this trap.

A lone Osprey sits drying out its wings and trying to cool off. 

I can't read beaks but had no trouble figuring out what it was saying to me as I approached. It wasn't nice either. 

A Willit walks warily among the rocks (try to say that three times real fast). 

The Willet finds a tasty tidbit in the sand..

The Willet prepares to take wing! 

And I capture my shot of the day..a beautiful full wing profile with reflection.

An Ohio family enjoys some surf fishing..they were the only other two legged creatures I saw on the beach.

Watch out for that tail barb!

So why did the Gopher Tortoise cross the road?  To stop traffic I think.

I need to set up a blind at the Secret Spoonbill hideout some time soon.


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