The Golden Hour..

     There is a small increment of the time early in the morning and late in the evening when the suns rays are low and at times cast creation in a breathtaking golden light. Photographers live for that moment to capture this fleeting spectrum of light, whether in fields of wheat or mountain outcrops or an expansive plain or walking the valleys of a City Street lined with tall buildings. For me it is the birds of course. Golden rays light up the wings and time stands still for just a magical moment. You push the doohickey and then look into your camera playback and just say WOW!

     I had some of those wow moments this past week. I love to sit on the dock at dawn and dusk, at morning and evening light as the suns rays creep over the marsh and the birds begin to take wing. Every now and then the sun, the birds, the right atmosphere, fate, and time line up just right. And Wow! I can’t find the words to describe the glow of light on an Egret’s wing filled with the golden light of morning or the fading yellow or red glow of a sunset. Blue grey feathers reflect a golden hue as wings fill with the special aura. Painters spend a lifetime trying to recreate that light on canvas. Those who master this special skill have works that are immortalized in time. They take away your breath and bring back a moment when you recall seeing such a picture and place even if only now in your fading memories. Digital photography has given us not-so-gifted artisans an instant way to capture that moment also.

     We hear a lot these days about investing in Gold. I don’t own a portfolio of golden coins or bars. Some may call me a fool for not doing so. Some experts say the economy is about to crash like never before and the only sure way to find security is to invest in this precious metal. I know however, that my security does not depend on precious metals but on precious moments and the eternal word.  You see, some day man will throw their gold and sliver in the streets and curse its maker. In the meantime I am going to invest in the golden hour and share this treasure with you. And it’s free. Be blessed. Harry

The Golden hour begins as the sun creeps over the horizon bathing the marsh in glowing light.

Annie the Anhinga is silhoutted as the sky begins to turn gold..

Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron tries to escape my lens in the early glow of dawn.

The clapper rail dashes for darkness to escape the morning light and appears to walk on water!

The Pied Billed Grebes have returned also and reflect the morning glow of sunrise.

The green gold marsh grass reflects on the water adding another splash of color to the morning light.

A Snowy Egret on an early morning flight illuminated in the golden light

As the sun climbs higher the faint glow can still be seen on the Tricolored Heron as it glides by.

The Golden morning glow slips away filling wings with bright white light.

Black Crowned Night Heron catches the golden glow of the setting sun with the half moon as a backdrop.

Golden and pink glow from setting sun illuminate the wings of a Great Egret heading for its nest.

The Black Crowned Night Heron's golden glow under the wings as it begins it night stalking on the river at dusk.

Annie the Anhinga ends the day as she began silhouetted by the setting sun.

Happy Hunting Annie…we bid you adieu 

The sun sets on the Broward in a blaze of gold and lavender hues.


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