I got the blues...

     I got the blues. We were hacked again! Don’t stay in Disney Hotels.  The Editor recently stayed at one in the Orlando area for a school function and the next week I get a call (while I was in Idaho) asking if I had been shopping in Orlando that morning. Seems someone stole her credit card information (not the card) and we were now buying the groceries for someone in Orlando.  She was at work in Jacksonville, I was out of state and someone was helping themselves to lots of groceries on us. So I got the blues in more ways than one..

     I also got nothing but blues on the dock. There are three local species of blue herons, the Great Blue, the Little Blue and the Tri-colored Heron. Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron and Patriarch of the Broward, has resumed fishing from his favorite fall fishing hole just around the bend in the channel. As soon as he spots me he makes sure he moves just out of sight. Out of sight out of mind he figures. The Tricolored Heron is the most faithful of the blue herons and flies up to greet me nearly every morning. He is my ever-present companion and feathered friend.  Recently the Little Blue Heron (I call it Little Boy Blue) is becoming a regular on the dock also. As the tide recedes I can see the muddy bottom in the remaining few inches of water. Staring up at me is a Blue Crab. So I got the “blues” everywhere now. As I walk back down the dock there to greet me is “you probably guessed it”, a couple of Bluebirds.  Probably waiting to poop on my shoulder! Go ahead, everyone else is lately.

    Have you got the blues lately too? It happens to all of us probably at one time. At times like this I just have to “Consider the birds” (especially the blue ones). They neither reap nor sow nor gather in to barns and yet our Heavenly Father feeds them. And he promises if He takes care of them, He will surely take care of me. And my "blues" will just disappear, but hopefully not my birds. And then soon I will mount up with wings and just fly like an Eagle. Be blessed. Harry

I got the Blues! And so does this Little Blue Heron!

I am really feeling down in the mud so to speak. 

I'm feeling a little bit of the Blues too in my throat said the Tricolored Heron

Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron relocates as soon as he spots me..

I'm a Little Green Heron….so I don't have the blues...

Hey Mr Doohickey…you sure look like you got the blues!

You really should do something about those blues said the Black Crowned Night Heron..

My Tricolored Heron friend flies in...

It looks down on me as if to say, cheer up friend..we all get the blues sometimes. 

Even crabs get the blues…especially blue crabs like this one!

Don't even think about doing that on my shoulder Mr. Bluebird!

Do what I do and just shake it off! Then the blues go away..

Ya see there…they are just going to fly away.  Just consider the birds..blue birds that is...

Take a flying leap of faith...

The next thing you know the blues will be gone and you will FLY LIKE AN EAGLE!

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