The First Thanksgiving bird..

     Hey, what week is it? Cmon..cmon…guess what week it is? It’s TURKEY Week!  Wonder what they are eating on the Broward this Thursday? For many of us it will be a feast of Turkey or ham, pies, cakes, casseroles, stuffing and other traditional fare. But for the birds of the Broward it is going to be their traditional fare too..mostly fish I would surmise. Ever wonder what the Pilgrims really ate at the first Thanksgiving? Was it really turkey?

     Governor William Bradford of Plymouth Colony declared the first Thanksgiving in America.  Being one of his direct descendants, it is indeed a special time for me. It was he who gathered the surviving soles of that first winter (over half the original 102 who made the voyage died the first year) and invited their neighbors, the Wampanoag Indians and Chief Massasoit, to a special meal of thanksgiving for all that the Native Americans had done for them. They also gave thanks to God for bringing them,  the survivors, through to the first harvest in this new land.  According to written chronicles of Edward Winslow, the first Thanksgiving fare was a three-day festival that did indeed consist of fowl shot by the Pilgrims (turkey were numerous in the area). The Native Americans (about 90 in number) arrived with five fully cooked and dressed deer. They also ate fish and cornmeal cakes (but not the sugary kind we are familiar with as they probably had used the majority of their sugar stores by then). And so began the tradition in the year 1621, that we celebrate this week.

     I have so much to be thankful for this special day and know that you do too. Yes, times are difficult and some issues we face may seem insurmountable. For those times we do indeed have hope. I am thankful for the opportunity to share these winged wonders of creation with you. This year has been more than just a journal. It is also a journey that brings me excitement each time I pick up my camera. Here is wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday. I Hope and pray that you can spend some time with family and friends. Be Blessed. Harry

Cmon...Cmon..what day is it?

Got any cranberries?

FISH SMISH...I WANT TURKEY, (time series Osprey launch).

Someone say TURKEY! Red Shouldered Hawk launch series.

Hmm...roadkill or fresh turkey? They don't call me a Turkey Vulture for nothing ya know.

Nobody here but us deer. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Run, they spotted us!


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