Wings as Eagles...

     Here I am near Cape Canaveral for the Sandhill Crane liftoff.  The frontal system has passed in the night but morning clouds still linger over the coast.  There is a brisk northeasterly wind blowing. The cranes hop up and down flexing their broad wings in anticipation. The countdown begins…Three, Two, One….liftoff.  We have Sandhill Crane liftoff…. AHHHG, they are going in the wrong direction! We fully anticipated a launch into the wind. Instead, they launch with the wind to the opposite side of the click pond and away from our waiting lens. Missed them again.

     Scurrying down between the click ponds we try to catch the few lingering Sandhill Cranes take off. There they go. But in the opposite direction into the wind just like we anticipated they would do the first time. Missed again. Well, just like there are more fish in the ocean there are more birds in the click pond. The sun finally peeks out between the clouds and the winds die down giving us some good reflection shot opportunities. A cooperative Tricolored Heron hunts minnows within a few feet of us among the Spoonbills and Egrets.

     Packing up, we head towards the St. Cloud Kissimmee area to visit some known Bald Eagle nesting sites. The eagles are not on the nests but there are signs they have been there. We head further south to another well-known site called Joe Overstreet Road and almost immediately I spot it. There on a power pole sits a majestic Bald Eagle. As it turns its head I can see signs of recent aerial battles. We stop and wait. The eagle calls. It lifts its mighty wings and swoops down right in front of me and into a pond on the other side of the road. Click. Ever look into the eyes of an eagle real close? I did and will never forget the piercing look. We hear more calls and the mate and a juvenile eagle soar by. Their wings are so majestic in flight. Some Sandhill Cranes are also in the field. These tall cranes are beautiful in full sunlight with their bright red head crown feathers and red eyes. I turn my back for a second and the cranes are airborne. What a sight.

      As I review the photos in the camera the eyes of the eagle captivate me again. The broad wingtips of this majestic bird look like leather in the glistening sun. I wonder what it would be like to soar like an eagle and view the world from their eyes.  If we wait, there is a promise that we will someday mount up with wings as these mighty eagles. Might not be so far away either.  Be blessed. Harry


Sandhill Cranes jump with excitement as they anticipate the liftoff.

And we have liftoff... but they turned the wrong way!

A Greater Yellowlegs reflects in the morning light.

Roseate Spoonbills get even pinker in the red morning light. 

A White Pelican hops over the click pond ahead of me. 

I feel pretty, A Wood Stork lifts off in the morning light.  

Great Egret reflection. 

The mighty minnow hunter, a Tricolored Heron about to strike. 

Sitting proudly atop the pole, the Eagle shows signs of a recent aerial battle around the eye and neck.

Ever look closely into the eye of an eagle? I did on this close fly by. 

The wingtips reflect like leather in the sun as the Eagle swoops down in front of me on broad outstretched wings.  

So this is what they look like in the sun.. My first sunny Sandhill Crane.

Rare cowbird species, these creatures are not capable of flight though.  

Missed again..see ya! 


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