Roots and Wings...

     Did you remember your Mother yesterday? Even if she is not with you, there is no excuse for not thinking about her. I thought it would be appropriate to visit the rookery at the St Augustine Alligator Farm in celebration of  bird Mothers Day. This time of year the Great Egret chicks are about half grown and soon will fledge. The Roseate Spoonbills and Wood Storks eggs are also hatching.  Snowy Egrets and Tricolored Herons are sitting on eggs. A whole new generation is about to take wing.

     Roots and Wings is a recent hit on the country charts (the only kind of music by the way). Our parents and ancestors gave us roots. Some roots are deeper than others. I knew very little of my “roots” so when a nephew asked me where we came from I had some digging to do. I discovered my paternal ancestor to America was a German Hessian Soldier who came in 1776 and was captured and imprisoned at the battle of Saratoga. While in prison he was persuaded to “switch sides”, was given land for service, and remained in America. Sadly, he was not allowed contact with his roots in Germany after that. So he established some new ones here. He settled first in the Shenandoah Valley area. He then moved to near present day Greenbrier West Virginia, where he married and had eight children before settling finally in Madison County Ohio about 1815. His farm is still there today. On my maternal side I was able to trace my roots back to the Mayflower to Governor William Bradford. How far can you trace your roots?

     I have my roots established. Now I am waiting for my wings. Oh, I “left the nest” early and thanks to the Navy as my wings; saw a lot of this world. But someday soon I am going to mount up with “Wings as Eagles”. Then I will really be able to travel.  How bout you? Be blessed. Harry

They say I have my Mothers eyes..I think I got her heart too!

Dad was sure proud the day I was hatched..

I came from a long line of Great Egrets..this is my Fourth Great Grandbirdfather..

I am the middle bird…my younger brother bird didn't make it out of the nest though..

My bird bro and I waiting for breakfast..probably fish again…huh worms though..

I have some loud mouthed cousins too!

They live where there is Snowy Egrets..too cold for my thin feathered blood..

I was raised on a farm with some Cattle Egrets…this is my step birdbrother..

This is me the day I left the nest….off to see the world..Anchors away!

These two are my Bird  In Laws…they really loved each other…I have a mixed marriage to a southern bird of another feather…her hair feathers are "funny" some folks say...

And she is alway redecorating..

Life has not alway been rosy…except if you are a Roseate Spoonbill of course..

I found that if you really look hard though..

Life can be rosy in spite of the world..if you just spread some genuine love around.

Some landings in life might be a bit tricky...

When you said "follow me" , I never knew the trip would be so far….

Someday though soon I will transform into a new bird and "mount up with Wings as Eagles", then watch me soar!


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