The Boogey Bird...

     Do you remember sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories?  Did you ever try to scare a younger sibling with stories about “the boogeyman”? Well, it seems these things happen in the bird world too. This week I met “the Boogey bird”! I am still having nightmares.

     The Great Egret begins its morning as usual. It finds a nice quit spot in the tidal marsh. Looks for a fish. Has a quiet morning snack. Then suddenly it happens! Some Boogey bird jumps out of the marsh and scares the bird poop outta the poor Egret! Encounters like this can leave one a bit shaken up. Poor George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron apparently saw something too. He got so scared he flew up to the dock right beside me and lands about five feet to my left on the dock railing. He was so shook up he could barely fly let alone try to balance on the slippery rail.

     A Black Crowned Night Heron lands in the tidal marsh channel in front of me. The sun is just beginning to light up the marsh. The large red eyes and dark pupil of the night heron catch my eye. I pick up my camera and focus in on the eyes. The doohickey goes “Click”. The night heron ignores me (I thought) and begins to stalk the shallows. It steps into the morning sunlit channel. Suddenly the dark pupils begin to glow a fiery yellow hue!  I can’t believe my eyes. When using a flash you get this sort of effect. The trouble is I am not using a flash. The heron takes a few more steps in my direction and looks at me. The other eye begins to glow. Click. As it advances and moves into the shadow of the dock beneath my feet, the eye color returns to normal. The night heron looks up again then flies up the channel. Did I just see “the Boogey bird” too? Be Blessed. I think I gotta go change my skivvies though. 

Splish Splash..the Clapper Rail was taking a bath...

Ahhh ….nothing like a nice private morning bath.

Suddenly a Great Egret comes flying around the bend and does not see the Clapper Rail ….

Hello Mr Doohickey…nice morning huh!

You just wait there Mr. peeping Egret..I will get even with you..disturb my bath will you!

The next morning begins as usual, The Great Egret finds a nice quiet spot in the marsh to hunt for minnows.

When suddenly out jumps the clapper rail . The Great Egret says "It's the boogey bird!

Fly for your life!

I'm never coming back here to fish..too scary!

George is sitting minding his own business..then

Suddenly, George the Yellow Crowned Night Heron spots something too! 

AHHGG! The boogey bird!

George lands on the railing right beside me…He is still  visibly shaken!

George can barely keep his balance he is so shook up.

I think I saw the boogey bird!

My bird knees are shaking so bad I can barely stand up!

I am out of here too!

This Crow has a Redwinged Blackbird bogey on his tail feathers!

And Stay out of here!…Plucky lil red winged Blackbird grabs the crow by the tail!

Then I spot the Black Crowned Night Heron taking the Red Eye flight home after a night on the marsh

I need my wide angle lens for this one!

The  Black Crowned Night Heron lands in the marsh in front of me and looks at me with its huge red eyes!


Yes, I heard the stories about the Boogey Bird..surely you don't believe that stuff?

Hey Mr Doohickey, Look into my eyes and tell me you don't actually believe in the boogey bird..really now..heh heh...

Does the Boogey bird's eyes glow like this? 

Surely that is just another marsh myth…right? 

After seeing those red eyes glow even the boogey bird beats feathers outta here!  Me too!


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