The days of Noah..

     NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER invite a weatherman to your picnic unless you plan for rain and lots of it. I just returned home Tuesday (in the nick of time) from the 40th annual Naval Weather Service reunion in Pensacola, Florida. The day after I left the rains and subsequent floods came in record-breaking amounts. I also safely traversed a tornado warning area on my journey home that day.  Folks in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi were not so fortunate. The reunion went on through the midst of the deluge, but some of the local hosts did indeed suffer some flood damage to homes and cars. As I write this blog the rain is still coming down. I am sure some of the residents in Pensacola felt the days of Noah were surely upon them.

     A few brief breaks in the clouds and rain occurred midweek. Hardly a bird was stirring on the Broward with the exception of a few Great Egrets. As I watched some of these graceful birds fishing at low tide in the evening, the Black Skimmers returned and put on a nice show. I posted a few photos on some poplar social media sites but also want to share a few of these remarkable moments with you. Several times I witnessed the skimmers “tooling along” when suddenly, their head dipped into the water, pulling up a minnow in their long thin beak. It was a great catch for both of us. On Thursday I took the Kayak out for a local trip, testing out the portage capabilities of my Ford Transit. Unfortunately, I saw no birds nearby on the river but do think that I can safely transport the Kayak Beyond the Broward in the future. If the rain and floods continue I might just use it to get around the house if need be.

     Are you ready for the coming floods and storms? Perhaps you feel very secure where you are right now. So did my friends in Pensacola, and so did those folks in tornado alley. Is your home built on rock or sand? I hope it is on the former, for then it will surely withstand the coming storm.  Be like the wise man and build your house upon a rock. And Be Blessed. Harry

 A Great Egret glides towards the setting sun.

A dragon fly makes its approach.

The dragon fly makes its landing. ( there were no birds to photograph ok?)

The Black Skimmers fly along hoping to snag a fish! 

Got one! I capture the moment as it captures a minnow. 

I know there is another one down here somewhere.

There it is! Dive Dive Dive!

Gotcha,,,nice catch !

Guess who is coming to dinner? This is where I decide to duck!

My Wavewalk Kayak is loaded for my first test drive Beyond the Broward. It travels well on the Transit. 

I am ready for the flood if it comes. I have a Kayak and my home is built on the rock.

That is pretty much the black and white of it! 


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