Profiles in courage..

     Profiles in Courage is a 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning volume of short biographies describing acts of bravery and integrity by eight United States Senators throughout the Senate's history. The author was none other than the late John F Kennedy. The book was turned into a TV series of the same name after Kennedy’s assassination. This past week I got to see some other profiles that also took a lot of courage. Perhaps not as notable to history but in the grand scheme of life they too have a story.

      Per their website “The Avian Reconditioning Center, or ARC, is a bird of prey rehabilitation and education facility located in Apopka, Florida, just outside of Orlando. ARC was started in 2001, and opened to the public in 2004. ARC is dedicated to raptor rehabilitation, education and research, thereby increasing public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of Florida’s magnificent raptors and the natural habitats in which they live.” I recently visited ARC as part of a workshop lead by my friend and acclaimed photographer, Mr. Jack Rogers.

      The real stars are the birds themselves. Each one has a profile in courage, a story to tell. Some were shot, some were run over by cars, some were just involved in a natural calamity of some sort, but they all have found a home at ARC. To me the real heroes here though are the volunteers, caretakers, and trainers who selfishly give of their time and talent to hopefully rehabilitate these birds back to the wild. If unable to be released, the birds become educational ambassadors of the center.

      I hope you enjoy the “profiles” of some of these raptors. Time was too short and I was too busy pushing the doohickey to remember each of their stories but their stories will still be told regardless of my ability to recall them. Check out their profiles on the ARC website. Can the same be said of each of us someday? Be Blessed. Harry

Profiles of some of the stars of the Avian Reconditioning Center for Birds of Prey, Apopka, Fl

Miko, a dark phase Short-tailed Hawk suffered a gunshot wound to the left wing

Henry, a European Barn Owl was captive bred and is a rehabilitated flight capable barn owl. 

Whisper, a Common Barn Owl was transferred from another facility and making a better adjustment.

Lucy, an Eastern Screech Owl lost eyesight in the left eye due to an automobile collision

Mrs P, a Barred Owl, found as a pre-fledgling on the ground and imprinted with people instead.

Sparky, the male Peregrine Falcon suffered a wing injury in migration. 

Sparky, like most of the birds is available for adoption..check it out!

Izzy is a Red Tailed Hawk. Izzy injured a foot while hunting in the wild and can no longer hunt on her own.

Callie, an American Kestrel female, found in a storm and imprinted by human contact.

Scooter, Swallow Tailed Kite separated at an early age from parents and imprinted with humans.

Archer, a Red Shouldered Hawk, injured when their nest was cut down, able to do short flight demos.

Ike, the iconic Bald Eagle, suffered a wing injury as a nestling.

Gordon, the Great Horned Owl was my favorite bird..handsome fellow and wise too!

The real heroes are the volunteers, caretakers and handlers who give of their time and talent and heart.

Don't mess with me, I am wise to you!


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