Morning dance….evening delight

     Are you a morning person? Or do you have to be dragged from the bed kicking and screaming? Does the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee stir you in the early predawn hours? Or do you grumble when someone says..”Honey, it’s time to get up”? I can guarantee you the birds of the Broward are morning folks. They are up before the sun, ready to dance the morning away.

     The Snowy Egrets, some Little Blue Herons and a pair of Tricolored Herons are here nearly every morning lately depending on the tides just waiting to greet the sun and have some fresh minnows. Perhaps minnows are not as tasty as fresh homemade pastry, but for birds that don’t do much cooking, it serves them fine. And then there is grumpy Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron, who a lets out a loud croak as soon as I step out of the house and flies away to his secluded fishing holes. He is definitely not a happy morning person.

     I had the fortunate opportunity to spend a morning all by myself with another well-known local photographer by the name of Maria Struss recently. The other workshop participants were down with the flu or didn’t want to brave the cold Florida morning. (That was the weekend we had winter here (smile)). Her landscapes and bird and nature photography are breathtaking. She has been doing this for over 30 years and her eye for photos and composition and skill is evident in all her work. I can only hope to aspire to that kind of work someday. She gave me some valuable lessons and I hope you enjoy the resulting Cedar Point photo. The morning light was not as vivid as we had hoped for but I did the best I could with what we had. Flight after flight of Ibis were winging overhead while I was trying to concentrate on the marsh view landscape composition. I was almost tempted to change lenses and shoot birds instead. I plan to return to the places she showed me and try to capture some morning dances with the light on the marsh as soon as I can.

     That night the sky turned firey red as stratiform clouds covered the evening sky. “Red sky at night..sailor’s delight”….Or if you a Florida Seminole fan, "Red sky at night, Seminole’s delight". Grab a cup of coffee this morning, and let’s dance because “Joy comes in the morning”! Be Blessed. Harry

Graceful wings flare over the marsh as the Snowy Egret begins its morning dance

The wings gently slow the snowy bound flier

Touchdown in the golden morning light!

Morning minnows, my favorite!

Snowy's don't share, you will have to get your own!

Down the hatch!

Got any coffee?

Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron is one of the early risers. Enjoying a nice crab bite here.

Cedar Point sunrise golden marsh view

Later that night we celebrated the Editor's birthday with a Fire Red Sunset over the Broward!


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