Take me out to the ball game...

     The fading curtain of night is pulled below the western horizon by a setting full moon. On the opposite horizon, a pre dawn pink glow lifts the veil of morning as the sun begins its timeless journey through the sky. Gleaming white jet contrails streak across the deep blue morning expanse of the heavens. A juvenile Bald Eagle accompanied by an adult sweeps low over the river in this early morning light. The adult eagle perches in the tall branches of a pine tree on the opposite bank of the river and watches it offspring search the river below for fish. Spring has officially arrived on the calendar but for me it is just another beautiful day on the Broward.

     One sure sign of spring has been the arrival of the Yellow Crowned Night Herons. A distinctive white patch below the eye and yellow crown feathers with a white plume mark this particular heron species. Yes “George” is back. And the favorite fare of this fowl is crabs. Tommy the crab fisherman has recently reset his crab traps in the river so the blue crab will soon be in season. And George just can’t wait to taste them. I have also met a new friend (human type without wings) named Scott who showed me some of the local Bald Eagle nests (thank you Scott!). The eagle pair I often see on the Broward have their nest in a subdivision a few miles away right next to a baseball park. So much for peace and quiet in that nest this spring. However, if the fish get scarce they can always eat hot dogs. There are two juvenile eagles on the nest, one is flying to the nearby trees already, and the other is still staying on the nesting tree but should be flying soon. By mid May the Bald Eagle nesting season will end in Florida and these eagles will be fully fledged and probably head north with the other “Snowbirds”. Bald Eagles usually return to the same nesting sites in Florida for many years. In the meantime each weekend it is take me out to the Ball game. Sure hope no “fowl” balls bean the eagles.

     Although it’s Spring and George is back, most of his time will be spent hunting for crabs in the mud at low tide.  Sorta like life huh? We slog and toil in the mud in the low tide of life to get the things we want (or think we need). Then the high tides come in and we have to wait it out for the next opportunity to get more “stuff”.  Hmmm… if only we could stop the tides.  Well sorry George, it is the tide of life giving waters that bring those crabs and all the other nutrients we need. So relax, just ride out the tide. Heck it’s springtime after all.  Go watch a ball game with the eagles and have a hot dog instead…Be Blessed. Harry

The setting full moon pulls the curtain of night below the western horizon.

The thin veil of morning lifts with the sun, revealing jet plumes of white streaking thru the heavens.

Female Bald Eagle near nest launches from an Electric Power Pole in the area.

The eagle's nest with two Juveniles has been identified right next to a  nearby ballpark! This one is ready to fly!

George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron is back!

A yellow crown and white plume and band below the eyes clearly identify this heron.

George spends a great deal of time in the mud at low tide!

A Greater Yellowlegs Sandpiper joins the hunt for food on the outgoing tide

George comes flying in from his muddy crab hunting expedition.

Birds are not the only creatures hunting in the low tide..soggy raccoon emerges from the marsh..

Tricolored Heron captures a snack too!

Tide is coming in...Take me out to the Ball Park..gonna get a hot dog...see ya!

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