The Ides of March are upon us. Beware of the watchers….

     On this mid March day the famous last lines of Julius Caesar “Et tu Brute?” were spoken.  He was warned to “beware the Ides of March”. Last year on that date I observed an adult and it’s juvenile Bald Eagle offspring practicing “Tail and dive” maneuvers on a poor unsuspecting Osprey.  No such luck this year but I have been spotting the Bald Eagles in the area still. I have a lead on the possible location of their nest that I plan to check out later this week. The March winds have definitely been blowing on the Broward. Although I have not seen a lot of activity I do have some good news to report.

     George and his lovely wife Georgette, the Yellow Crowned Night Herons, are back. Yesterday I spotted the pair on the dock. They flew to the same tree they used for roosting last year. Hope to get some photos soon. In the meantime I had a nice encounter with my Tricolored Heron friend that I shared with you earlier this week. This bird is quite use to my presence. I spot it on the dock and slowly approach. When it gets nervous I sit down low and began to talk the bird. I suggest that it should go to the opposite side of the dock where the sun would be at a better angle for photographs. To my surprise the bird looks at me, turns around and starts walking towards me (takes a small “break” on the dock), and saunters across to the other side. It hops down right where I wanted it and let me take some excellent shots while it chases down minnows for an afternoon snack. At one point I notice the bird looking up in the sky. I follow its gaze and spot a juvenile Bald Eagle flying over. The heron knew potential danger was overhead. I didn’t hear it, how did the heron know?

     There are always watchers overhead on the Broward. This week I capture the Red Shouldered Hawk watching the bird feeders. Those predator birds are always looking for opportunity. That is how life is in nature. We too have watchers I believe. Where do you think they get that phrase about being careful lest a bird tells on you from? Not all watchers are malevolent though. We have all had those narrow escapes, a swerve at the last second that avoided a tragedy.  Was someone good watching over you then? So remember that next time you see the shadow fly overhead. We have watchers too. Be Blessed. Harry

Sunrise on the Ides of March..

Bald Eagle on the Broward..

Snowy Egret fly by..

Tricolored Heron saunters over to the others side of the dock..just where I wanted it.

The Tricolored Heron enjoys an afternoon minnow snack.

A shadow passes overhead, the heron looks up! An eagle glides overhead..watching..

The Little Blue Heron is starting to show breeding colors..

Female Mallard duck takes wing..

There are watchers above...Sub-adult Bald Eagle flies overhead..

Pied Billed Grebe watches me while I watch it..

Red Shouldered Hawk watches the feeders for opportunity

No need to be alarmed though..

Rest assured says my Triclored friend..someone is watching over us all...


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