Still got the Mom watch this week.  She is a blessing each day though, so we are not complaining. I have often sat on my pier the past year and just watched the sun go down. It is peaceful and serene. Sometimes the sky is deep blue and then turns all the colors of the rainbow from reds to violet as the sun begins to set and the various wavelengths of light are absorbed. Some are spectacular, some are just sunsets on another day. I saw something special though last night.

After supper I decided to go sit on the dock in anticipation of the sunset. It was a near cloudless sky from the frontal passage a day ago. Cooler air was blowing over the Broward. The Woodstorks are becoming more frequent in appearance lately and I was hoping to catch an evening fly by.  The familiar honk of the Canada goose sounds on the marsh.  Soon I see a trio flying up the river towards the sunset. I had seen them earlier in the morning on the river.  Soon they will start winging their way north again. Think I will pay a visit to Goose Pond next week to see them off.  The geese are too far away for a great sunset shot but it was nice to hear them anyway. I readjust my blind in anticipation of the direction I hope to see the Woodstork appear. They are a no show this evening, but I was not left disappointed. I look up to see a beautiful white Great Egret. like an angel with its wings outstretched, winging towards the setting sun. Quickly raising my camera and focusing, I start pressing the doohickey. It is a stunning sunset fly by. The sun cuts shadows across the wings as they rise and fall with each beat. The setting sun reflects in the yellow eyes as the graceful egret flies towards its night roost upriver. The wings look like creamy white silk against an evening blue sky. In seconds the encounter is over but I was left awestruck and thankful. I hope you enjoy it.

     Anticipation is a strong emotion. Sometimes though we are disappointed when our anticipations are not fulfilled the way we planned. Tonight I was filled with awe and wonder at the beauty of God’s creation. I was anticipating a Woodstork, instead I got an angel like fly by in a stunning Great Egret. God knows our real needs. I really needed that. Hope your sunset tonight brings more than you hoped for too! Be Blessed. Harry

A trio of Canada Geese head towards the sunset.

A Great White Egret, like an angel gliding by appears from the east flying into the setting sun.

The setting sun cuts shadows on the wings.

I catch each beat of the wings as I press the doohickey again.


And again.

It soars overhead towards the sun!

It seems to catch the sun.

And then it wings home, The moment soon gone. But what a moment.


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