Inner Peace

     The Broward felt like winter this morning with ice on the birdbath and frost on the car windows. By noon however, it was feeling like springtime. Highs near the 60s and not a cloud in the sky. I had an early morning Doctor appointment then decided to head to Goose Pond again.  Most everyone was still there, including the four domestic geese. They seemed especially happy to see me and honk a happy greeting.

     Well maybe they were happy for the bagels too! One in particular must have gotten real friendly with the locals over the winter. It waddles up beside me in my chair and puts his head right in my lap and tried to sit with me almost. It would not leave my side and loved to have me rub its belly. As I was conversing with one of the local visitors a Bald Eagle swoops overhead and lands on the power line again.  Pretty sure it is the same one I saw there before in January. One lady said she saw it attack some young geese last week.  It didn’t stay long and scarcely gave me time to get a photo. I was glad to see it though. Not too many birds were flying. Most were just enjoying the sunshine. A few Canada geese fly in from the east and land and are greeted on arrival.  Four pairs of redhead ducks, about a dozen or so ring-necked ducks and Coots and dozens of Mallards are still on the pond.  It was a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a thermos of coffee.  Three Canada Geese swim up and get on the bank right in front of me. I give them some bagels too! Content, they sit down and soon are sleeping, quite at peace with my presence. I think I would prescribe this to anyone who needs a good dose of joy and peace. Overhead the preying eyes of an Osprey fly by as well as a male Anhinga. The latter circles a few times then lands to check out the morning menu also. A crow lands in a pine tree behind me and wakes up the sleeping geese with its raucous caw. They soon depart to the quiet side of the pond in protest. The domestic geese swim by and really wag their tails. As if in response the Canada geese tip over and show theirs too. I guess this is sorta goose talk for see ya later friend!

     I gather my things and head home. The stress of the busy weekend was relieved in these few hours. We all need this sometimes, a place to go to find inner peace. I am going to miss my winter friends on Goose Pond. Soon they will be heading north. But not till all that SNOW my friend Frenchy talks about starts to melt. In the meantime, sit down, sip some coffee and come back to Goose Pond, if only in your mind. Be Blessed. Harry

The Bald Eagle keeps an eye on Goose Pond!

The domestic goose and his three cohorts waddle up to greet me on arrival.

Completely at ease with me, this one loves to have me rub its belly.

A pair of Ring - Necked Ducks swim by!

Mallards on the pond.

The ducks and geese bask in the sun!

Two mallards take flight.

A Canada Goose naps at my feet.

Fat albert tries to lift off...but he is too Fat to fly!

The domestic geese wave their tails goodbye!

The end, see ya next time!


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