It's Spring!

Quote from the Farmers Amanac: “Spring begins with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s more about the start of spring, signs of spring, and stunning spring photos!”

Well some of you are still saying this is a bunch of hooey (translate bull crap). But I have proof. Yep, a little birdie told me. :)  My tricolored Heron flies up on its favorite perch. It is sporting a new Hairdo from Janet the hairdresser. I now proclaim that today SPRING begins on the Broward it seems to say. The Bald Eagle then appears on majestic wings flying up and down the Broward and also declares, IT IS SPRING ON THE BROWARD! (If anyone does not believe in the great Bald Eagle announcement you need your beak examined). The cormorant and others agree. The Brown Pelican springs up from the Broward and proclaims, IT IS SPRING ON THE BROWARD! The Great Egret looked into its reflection on the Broward and proclaimed, IT IS SPRING ON THE BROWARD! The Snowy Egret also looked into the majic waters of the Broward and proclaimed, MY FEET ARE STILL COLD! The Pied Billed Grebe then pokes his head down and looks deep into the Broward, and proclaims, I SEE A FISH! Let’s eat! Regardless if you see the signs or not, it is officially Spring today in the Northern Hemisphere. As I pan across the bank, I see spring green sprouting in the trees and the grass and the marshlands. My Bald Cyprus is sprouting new buds of brilliant green. Hmmm, better get the lawn mower ready for another season (and check the generator too, Hurricanes are coming soon after).

As sure as the sun rises and sets on the Broward, the seasons too come and go. What will this new Spring bring us I wonder? Will we see new life and hope or more wars and rumors of wars? We have a new Pope. We also have reason to Hope! Here is wishing you a warm cup of coffee as we toast the arrival of Spring. Be especially blessed today. Cause its SPRING! Harry

The Tricolored Heron sports a new "Doo" from Janet and declares, "IT IS SPRING ON THE BROWARD".

The cormorant looks up and declares it looks like spring!

Spring is here says the IBIS!

The Great Bald Eagle declares IT IS SPRING ON THE BROWARD!

The Great Egret peers into the Broward. It is Spring it declares!

Yea, Yea, then how come my feet are still freezin?

It is SPRING declares the Brown Pelican!

The Pied Billed Grebe says lemme see!


A sunrise on the Broward. Spring is here!


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