The Patriarch.

     Well, I moved the clock ahead Sunday but someone forgot to tell my body to move also.  I am not a big fan of daylight savings time changes. It did allow me to get to the dock a bit earlier however. I had my thermos and camera and blind set up just as the sun began to peak over the marsh. A golden glow soon reflected off the grass. What a beautiful morning on the Broward.

     I look off to the west and see a dark silhouette with large wings flying just over the top of the marsh grass. It is Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron and Patriarch of the Broward. The low angle of the sun and golden glow reflect off Old Man River as he raises his six-foot plus wingspan and slowly heads right towards my blind. Either he is unaware or unconcerned with my presence that morning and keeps a steady course as he approaches. Talk about wings, this bird has some majestic ones. I notice more color in the golden brown patches on the edge of the wingtips as well as the shoulders. The wind and sun cause shadows on the underside of the wings feathers as they rise. I press the doohickey with each beat.  Old Man River’s left eye seems to glance and stare at me as this magnificent bird glides near. I am looking across his body at eye and wing level in awe as it swoops by. Gotcha today Old Man (from one to another)! The clear skies and rising tide are an opportune time for the local Ospreys to fish the river. A large Osprey swoops overhead and does an abrupt headfirst dive into river and emerges from the water spraying droplets everywhere. In its talons are a massive fish breakfast which the bird positions with its prehensile like claws in a fore and aft position for flight. Off it goes to enjoy its morning catch. The Brown Pelicans are soaring overhead and circle around over my little lagoon and take a dive in. I catch the take off in a series of photos. As it circles overhead again it seems to pause in midair. It looks like a priestly pelican giving a benediction over the Broward. In reality I think it was just looking for a “Fish Benedict “ breakfast. Hmm..I could use some eggs benedict myself.

     The Patriarchs of old were indeed revered. I hold a special place in my heart for Old Man River. I have watched him for years and recently he is keeping a wary eye out for me as I intrude more into his life. As I look ahead I wonder where are and who will be the Patriarchs of tomorrow. Maybe they will be wise enough to cancel daylight savings time! Be Blessed. Harry

Golden sunsrise on the Broward!

The Patriarch of the Broward, Old Man River the Great Blue Heron spreads his massive wings.

Unaware or unconcerned, he continues towards me.

I catch the upbeat of the wings, click!

And the downbeat!

The sun and wind cast shadows underneath the outspread wings.

He cast me a passing glance. Got ya old Man!

He soars on by!

An Osprey lifts its morning catch from the river.

Time series photo of Pelican lift off!

Lift off and take off time series merge.

A priestly pelican appears to be giving a benediction on the Broward! Or looking for Fish Benedict.

This Daylight Savings Time change has me bushed. Lets eat!


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