See the birds of the air...?

     The summer sunshine is certainly warming things up on the marsh. I made a rare venture out to the dock this morning to find peace and solace. That was there in abundance but the birds of the air are nowhere to be found for the most part. This is not uncommon as they are either nesting or have finished and gone into seclusion while they molt in the hot summer season.

     I had volunteered to be a Bird Steward at Huguenot Park this summer. One might ask, what is a Bird Steward? Shore birds by the thousands are now nesting on eggs or feeding recent hatchlings. At Huguenot Park the Royal Terns, Laughing Gulls and a few Black Skimmers use the park’s sand dunes to rear their future generations each year. This is one of the few remaining beaches where automobiles are still allowed on the beach. Automobiles (driven by rednecks) and baby birds on the same beach is a recipe for disaster for the birds. My job is to make the visitors aware of the nesting sites and to educate them on being careful not to disturb the young hatchlings as they venture out beyond the dunes down to the water while waiting on that next fish or shrimp meal. It also gives me some great photo opportunities while sitting there on the beach. I had planned to do this twice a week but some recent complications with my hip have now put a damper on my stewarding activities.

     Since there are not too many birds of the air I thought I would share a few photos of these shorebirds of the beach instead. It is fun to watch the terns and gulls flying back and forth from the dunes to the surf to get fresh minnows and shrimp for the hungry babies. In some areas it is hard to find an open spot of sand to land in as evidence by the royal tern nursery photo. There are hundreds if not thousands of hungry beaks to feed. Hopefully I will be back on my feet soon and watch these little ones mature and remain safe and sound. Until next time..Be blessed

Royal Tern Nursery at Huguenot Park ..the babies are hatching by the hundreds..

I'm hungry!

Royal tern heads to ocean to catch fresh minnows and shrimp..

Got fish? Many more are needed to feed the hungry beaks waiting in the dunes..

Laughing Gulls with a pair of laughing hungry chicks wait for a meal..

This Laughing Gull is itching to catch a fish..!

Hopefully the Black Skimmers will be nesting soon also..

Lonely Blue...this Great Blue Heron seem all alone on the beach..actually there are thousands of other shore birds surrounding him..but this is how I will feel until I am back on the beach..


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