The Odd Couple..

     The sun is barely above the horizon. The wooded forest to the east still casts its dark shadow over the dock as I begin to walk down it in the early morning light. To my right in the muck are some feeding Yellow Crowned Night Herons and Clapper Rails. It is unusual to see the Rails so far out in the open. I wonder if these young first year fledglings have heard the stories about the Red Shouldered Hawk snatching unsuspecting Clapper Rails out in the open. The distinct call of the Hawk fills the marsh as it is escorted across the Broward by the ever-present Red-winged Blackbirds pestering its every move. The young Clapper Rails head for the cover of the marsh grass. They have been taught well.

    A young White Ibis with patches of brown still showing on its head glides in from my right and turns into the dock nearly landing at my feet. That sure is odd I thought as I point the doohickey at the oncoming bird.  Another dark shadow goes over my head as a Wood Stork takes a slow turn over the lagoon and also lands in front of me and is soon joined by the Ibis as they hunt for food in the tidal stream. What an odd looking pair they make. As the Ibis probes the mud it scares up minnows that are quickly snagged by the Wood Stork. The young Ibis then heads towards the muddy shoreline to probe its long proboscis into the mud looking for fiddler crabs. It is very successful but it sure makes for a muddy beak. The not so pretty face of the Wood Stork "almost" looks pretty by comparison. The odd looking couple soon departs as a neighborhood lawn service interrupts the quit morning hunt. As evening falls the Editor spots the Wood Stork again. This time it seems to have come with another friend. One of the same kind. I guess that ugly muddy nose of the Ibis was just too much for the Wood Stork. Some would say they look a bit odd too. But you should see them fly. Oscar also returns with a friend. One of his own kind too..not so odd after all. 

     And God made them all. Man and beast, fish and fowl. Each after their own kind and told them to be fruitful and multiply. And God said it was good. We seem to have strayed from the original plan a bit too far for me.  What I am seeing today in society and the news is not so good I am afraid. Be Blessed. Harry

It is another Muddy Monday morning on the Broward as these young birds hunt for food seemingly unaware of the dangers above.

A young Ibis approaches the dock also seemingly unaware of my presence..

The Ibis flares its wings and lands at my feet, unafraid and at ease.

"What's in a name? That which we call a nose
By any other name could smell as sweet.".....Oscar the Ibis 

A not so young looking Wood Stork also lands in front of me in the muck..

The Odd Couple begin to fish together..just like Felix and Oscar..

Felix the Wood Stork grabs a fish scared up by Oscar the Ibis..

Felix the Wood Stork reflects on this odd friend of his..

Oscar the Ibis begins to probe deep for crabs..

What? You never had a mud facial? You need to try it!

Felix returns that evening with another Wood Stork..they might not look pretty to some, this odd couple..

Felix and friend..

Felix is just falling wing over beak after one of its own kind..

Profile, Felix W. Stork the Wood Stork..

And you should see him fly...soaring mighty and high..a beauty to behold...

Oscar also returns with a friend,,one of his own kind..not so odd after all..

Eye to of this odd couple is about to be breakfast...


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