Ruffles and Flourishes...

     Ruffles and Flourishes….a time honored military tradition and protocol of music played when a Flag or General officer who is a guest speaker or host of the official party arrives until they take their place or sit down. I had a bit of this display this morning upon the arrival of apparently a Flag Bird ranked Tricolored Heron on the dock.

     The sun peeks over the Broward upon my arrival in the early morning hours. There are rows and rows of low cumuliform clouds blowing in from the west. As the alternate rows would block the sun the sky darkened and then a few golden rays would light up the marsh for a brief moment. Talk about an exposure issue. As soon as I set the camera for one light condition it changes. A familiar squawk from behind me causes me to turn and glance over my shoulder as a Tricolored Heron lands on the railing beside me in "Dress Blue Feathers". It looks at me, decides to stay and then begins its own version of "Ruffles and Flourishes" as it carefully begins to preen and fluff every feather on its body. Slowly raising the camera I press the doohickey time and time again. For what seems an eternity I share in this time honored tradition of ruffles and flourishes and preening until every feather was just right. And then with a flourish it gives me a look and is gone.

     In a way it also reminded me of a certain Editor whom I met some 36 years ago as she prepared her “feathers” for our date that night. One look at her and I was sure ruffled. I am sure you can relate too.  Be Blessed..Harry

Good Morning Mr Doohickey! Flag Bird T C Heron dress blue heron feathers..


A little ruffle .......

A little flourish...

Now the back that one..

How do I look there Mr. Doohickey? 

Now the other side...

Got that one..and that one..

Almost missed one...

Got it..

Looking Good...Like a Flag birdie should. just gotta shine my feet a bit..See ya!


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