Red sky in morning..

     Red sky in morning, sailors take warning! The Editor glances out the window and says, “look at the sky, you need to get that”. Grabbing my landscape lens and camera I head for the dock as fast as I can to capture the moment before it is gone. I stand in spellbound awe at the colors in the east as they begin to glow a fiery red and orange. The sun climbs into the morning sky as the colors quickly fade to blue. A sure sign of an approaching storm, this old adage proves correct as a strong frontal passage with heavy rain occurs within 24 hours. But not before I push the doohickey and capture the moment. That evening the local Fox 30 news TV weatherman displays my photo of Red Dawn for all of Jacksonville to see.

     This week as I head out to the dock I see Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron sitting on the bow of the neighbor’s Jon boat. Like Yogi Berra said, “It’s Déjà vu all over again”. This is the same image I saw a year ago when I started this journey. And like before, I hear the venerable heron’s squawk of protest before it takes wing to the old pier. As I approach the floating dock, a Little Blue Heron, a couple of Snowy Egrets and my Tricolored Heron friend all lift off from the marsh and join Old Man River. “Is it something I said?” I exclaim! No sooner had I said that than I see the Tricolored Heron lift off again and head back my way. He glides right in front of me and lands nearby at the foot of the floating pier gangway to join me as we wait and watch. Good friends never forsake you. I sip my coffee as we catch the sunrise.

    It is a cold frosty morning.  The heron sits with its feathers all fluffed as if to keep warm. It lifts one foot from the frost-covered boards and serenely stares at the sunrise while giving me an assuring glance. Smoke like fog dances on the water. As the sun begins to rise it begins to melt the frost from the boards beneath me. It looks like the dock is smoldering as the vapors condense and rise swirling in the air. We enjoy the sunrise and greet the warmth it brings.

     The red sky was indeed a harbinger of impending weather and hopefully not a bad omen for the start of this New Year.  This old weather lore is grounded in biblical truth (see Matt 16: 2-3). So too was the scene I witnessed when my feathered friend returned to join me watch the sunrise. Friends are like that. Share a moment with one of yours this week if you can. You never know what the sunrise might bring. Be Blessed. Harry

Red Sky in Morning, Sailors take warning. Red Dawn over the Broward.

It's Deja Vu all over again. Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron begins the year like the last, on his favorite perch.

Old Man River retreats to his other favorite pier.

This Little Blue Heron, some Snowy Egrets and my Tricolored Heron Friend soon join Old Man River.

It is a blustery cold morning on the dock.

The Snowy is perturbed with one of the other egrets and chases it off.

My Tricolored Heron friend rejoins me on the dock.

We watch the sunrise and try to keep warm as I sip my coffee.

Smoke like fog swirls on the water while the dock seems to smolder from the evaporating frost.

No matter what the morning brings, a true friend will never leave you or forsake you.


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