I'll fly away...

     The journal continues. 2013 is behind us. I had a wonderful journey. A good friend said he does not reflect on the past year because we can’t change it. Not sure I want to even if I could. 2014 has not started out so well though. You know the Bengals lost. A lack of sunlit days have made photography a real challenge too.

     We only have today it is said, so let’s reflect on that instead. Today I hope is a good one for you. When I started this journey last January I sat out there on the dock every day I could. Neither rain, nor hail, nor snowy’s (Egrets that is), nor sleet stopped reflections from going to press. I have hundreds of poorly lit photos to prove it. Photography literally means painting with light. To paint a better picture this year I need learn to use that light better, either natural or man made with fill flash.

     Remember that real neat expensive lens the Editor was supposed to get me for Christmas (It didn’t show up under my tree)?  However, it did show up this week as a loaner from the manufacturer. So far I have proven you can take real bad pictures even with a twelve thousand dollar lens. It also weighs a lot. Don’t get me wrong. It is a fine piece of engineering and manufacturing but my old broken wrist felt the old "pain" the first time I tried to handhold it. So I think that for today (and this coming year) I will just focus on the good things I have in life; my old lens, my old camera, my (older) Editor, and just become better at using available light whenever possible.  I also hope and pray the good Lord will continue to bring these feathered friends close enough to capture and share. So far He sent a snowy owl all the way from the Arctic just so I could see it. The park rangers put up barriers so us photographers wouldn’t “stress” the owl. I have never seen such an unstressed bird in my life. That owl sat for two hours, didn’t move, preened and yawned and barely opened an eye. Reminded me more of my three wiener dogs in front of the fire on a lazy winter afternoon. Oh, to be so stressed! The park ranger was the only one who really seemed stressed to me.

     The sun finally peeked out for a few hours Friday so I headed to the beach. When I arrived I found it enveloped in a fog bank from the warm ocean air.  It makes for great mood shots but you just can’t get good bird pictures in these conditions. However, on the way home I spotted an Osprey enjoying lunch sitting on a power pole. Out came the new lens and I pushed the doohickey. Must have “stressed it” because she took off with lunch in tow. Birds have a neat way of dealing with stress. They have wings and can just fly away (can't wait to get some of those wings). On the old pier down by the neighbors I also captured a Little Blue Heron with an apparent “attitude”.  Unlike this little heron (and until I have wings), I choose to have an attitude of gratitude for "today" and just want to share it with you throughout this coming year. I’m back..hope you are blessed. Harry

Neither rain, nor hail, nor Snowy's (Egrets), nor sleet shall stop  Reflections  from going to press!

Neither rain, nor hail, nor Snowy's (Egrets), nor sleet shall stop Reflections from going to press!

A " Stressed"  Snowy Owl sits on the dune..for two hours..

A "Stressed" Snowy Owl sits on the dune..for two hours..

You toucha my fish, I peck you eyes out!

You toucha my fish, I peck you eyes out!

A Stressed Osprey just says I'll fly away!

Little Blue Heron with an Attitude!

Three "stressed" wiener dogs by the fire..have an attitude of gratitude today!

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