I recently traveled to Titusville Florida to attend some workshops at the annual Space Coast Wildlife and Birding Festival. It is a very well attended outing in one of my favorite bird photography locations on the east coast of this fine state. I gained a good perspective on camera exposure techniques from one of the best in the business, Mr Maxis Gamez.

     Arriving the afternoon before the workshop, I head to the Viera Wetlands to capture the evening sunset. It was a beautiful day in Florida, blue skies, a high near 70 and no bugs! Perfect weather. This time of year the water is cold and the gators are sluggish and crawl on the bank on sunny days to keep warm. With caution you can safely approach them closer than normally possible. One eight plus footer was on the bank with a few smaller friends nearby. Seeing eye to eye with an apex predator of this ecosystem is indeed a thrill. Some might say a chill. The cry of an Osprey catches my ear. I look up in time to see a Bald Eagle swoop in and snatch a free fish dinner away from the poor bird who had made a nice catch for dinner. To the victor goes the spoils they say. There were numerous Ring-necked Ducks, Gallinules, Coots, Anhinga and other familiar visitors to the wetlands. As I got out of my truck to capture a photo, a coppery colored reptile slithers across the sandy berm only a few feet away and stops. I observe it for a minute or two and slowly position myself ahead of its intended path. Have you ever stared a cottonmouth in the eye? Well, I lived to tell about it and later enjoyed a spectacular sunset.

     Things that appear harmless from a distance can fool you. Danger is everywhere. I don’t recommend you stare down a cottonmouth but sometimes getting a different perspective can give you new insight. Be blessed. Harry

See how my new tooth whitener is doing, no more ugly fish stains! (this picture was not cropped)

Eight feet plus of lazy gator,,,I hope, best to let sleeping dogs and GATORS lie..

I'm watching you Mr Doohickey!

Don't leave your feet in the water,,there are gators out there remember!

A Limpkin enjoys the afternoon sunshine.

Ring-necked Duck female

The most widely distributed member of the rail family, the Common Gallinule inhabits marshes and ponds from Canada to Chile, from northern Europe to southern Africa, and across Asia to the Pacific.

"The waterborne American Coot is one good reminder that not everything that floats is a duck." Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Male Anhinga, with breeding season colors around the eye

To the victor goes the spoils..Bald Eagle robs a fish dinner from the Osprey..or wealth redistribution as some would call it..

I saw this same single male Great Blue Heron in December. He is doing displays to attract a far no luck. 

Juvenile cottonmouth slithers across the sandy road..adults are much larger and darker.

Snake Eyes...It's all about that is...

Sunset Viera Wetlands


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