Hoodie Winked...

     Hoodwinked. “To be deceived. It actually derives from the practice of placing a hood over the head of a falcon in the Middle Ages when engaged in the sport of falconry. This was done in order to trick the falcon into believing it was nighttime, thus calming the bird down so that one could recover the prey from the bird's talons.” (source: Urban Dictionary). A new deception is taking over the bird photography community now. It is called “Hoodie Winked”.

     The Hooded Merganser ducks are showing up all over Florida streams, rivers and a ponds. One of the most photogenic of the diving ducks, photographers all over are being deceived into thinking they can capture the perfect “Hoodie” photo. Hooded Mergansers are very animated, dramatic and fast. For years now I’ve tried to capture one of its iconic shake and flap photos where it sits up high on the water and flaps its wings. So far I have a side shot of a male rearing up and a back shot of a female. The male Hooded Merganser, when alarmed, will raise its white hood feathers in a display used to intimidate other rival ducks or let other Mergansers know something is amiss that they need to be aware of. The females raise their head feathers to attract the attention of the males, like showing off a new hair-doo. These diving duck’s antics are a sight to behold. Trying to capture that perfect photo has left countless photographers totally “Hoodie Winked”.

      Undaunted by past frustrations, I plan to keep pushing that doohickey in the coming weeks until at last, one of these days, I will capture that perfect “Hoodie Winked” photo. Until then, you have a Blessed New Year. Harry

Red sky in morning..Sailor take warning..this photo made local news channel broadcast as well as  mention on a nationally syndicated radio talk show. 

Galz and guyz in the Hood...Hooded Mergansers arrive at the secret Hoodie hangout

Hooded Merganser couple,,male has the black and white "Hood" feathers

When alarmed, the male Hoodie "pops his hood" feathers up..

Female Hoodie before going to Janet the feather dresser

Female Hooded Merganser after seeing Janet the Feather dresser..nice doo..

I asked Janet to straighten my feathers...look at what she did!

Look what Janet did to my feathers..left me in the feather dryer too long!

Male Hooded Merganser

Sleepy Fella

Male Hooded Merganser sees me and starts to raise the alarm

Mr Doohickey has been spotted...Hoodie up...sound the alarm..!

I think this hoodie just gave me the "bird" !

I get a rise shot but no wing flap, Hoodie Winked again!

A female Hooded Merganser takes off..

The male Hooded Merganser takes off too..until next time Mr. Hoodie

Broward Bob sees his refection and predicts a Very Happy and Blessed New Year..From Reflections on Broward..


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