Late Autumn Snow...

     It is only a few days till winter officially begins. Temperatures in Florida have remained unbearable. You know, the 70’s and 80s with lows dipping in the 30s at times. Cool post frontal northerlies bring an occasional cold snap to Northern Florida. I love to sit on the dock after a front has passed. The skies are cool and clear and I see an occasional blowing snowy flurry go by. Not the frozen water type, the Snowy Egret type.

     Snowy Egrets are a small white egret with black beaks and yellow feet. It is hard not to be happy when you have yellow feet I am told. Their animated antics while fishing in the lagoon can keep even the sleepiest photographer amused. We had some autumn foliage on one of the neighbor’s tree that was reflecting hues of orange and red in the water. A Snowy Egret came flying by me and landed on the dock and then hopped down into the incoming tidal pool to hunt for minnows. I carefully scooted on my rear along the dock until I could capture it in just the right morning light. This is one of my favorite captures of the year. The next day the sky was covered with a layer of altocumulus clouds when the same bird came flying in again. The light was not as nice as the prior day but I waited until a break in the clouds provided yet another opportunity to see this late autumn “blowing snowy” on the Broward.

     I live in Florida so I am not dreaming of a White Christmas. However, the Editor and I would like to wish each of you, my friends, family, and readers, a very special and Merry Christmas, from our house to yours. Blessings. Harry

Morning has broken on the Broward.A cool refreshing breeze blows over the Broward.

A snow flake goes drifting by in the wind and lands on the dock. Snowy Egret flake that is...

A snow flake goes drifting by in the wind and lands on the dock. Snowy Egret flake that is...

Snowy Egret with a splash of fall of my favorite captures this year

I see the same "Snow Flurry" go by the next day..

Drifting Snowy

Is this close enough Mr. Doohickey?

It's Snow-wing!

Snowy Flurries on the Broward

Snowy Topshot

Air brakes set, full flaps landing

And touchdown...

Now where did that dang fish go?

The Editor and I would like to pause and reflect and wish you a Merry Christmas

Almost forgot I have some last minute shopping to do yet..gotta go..

We hope to see you next week..

Let it snow,,,let it snow..let it SNOWY!

Merry Christmas...from our hearth to yours......


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