Ruffled feathers

     They’re baaack….no not the ghosts…the birds! And so is my lens too! HALLELUJAH! The evening the lens arrived I hurried down to the dock…not a bird in sight. All of a sudden I heard a commotion to my left and saw about a half dozen various night herons flying out of the tree next door. Not sure if it was the cause or not but as I glanced upwards I saw it!  A Great Bald Eagle.  I am fairly confident it is the female from the nesting pair I have been tracking the last two years. I expected their return any time now. By the time I got the lens on it,  the eagle was heading west towards the nesting site and clearly out of decent camera range.

     While I really enjoyed learning to photograph butterflies and bees I was going a bit “buggy” without my bird lens. Getting a good bumble-bee in flight photo is a lot harder and more challenging than I imagined it would be. I have since been taking hundreds of test photographs with the lens. It seems to be fairly sharp for what it is capable of. There are growing numbers of birds seen on the dock now.  I plan to get in the Kayak this week and start chasing them around the river too. In addition to the night herons, there are several mature and immature Little Blue Herons ( the juveniles are born white), Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Hawks, and Tricolored Herons. The pair of Belted Kingfishers (Spunky and her mate Funky) has also returned to the dock area. It is “hotter than the blue blazes” and we are definitely having the “Dog Days” of August.  I plan to try and capture some more birds in flight and share them with you. Can’t wait for the Eagles to fly closer too. 

     Although I am glad my lens is back, the birds I see seem to all have something in common. They are ruffling their feathers when they look at me. They are not upset with me but rather they seem upset about what is going on in the world I think. Although they don’t see the news about the riots, butchering murderers, earthquakes, volcanoes, pestilence (Ebola),  the wars and rumors of wars, I think the creatures of God sense what is happening. I am a getting a bit ruffled myself thinking of it. So when it gets like this try to think of the good things we have instead and consider the birds... And be Blessed this week. Harry

I took over 500 bee photos to get this one..ENJOY IT!  I am going back to feathered wings instead..

I got this rare photo of a certain House Congresswoman stepping out of her skin…proof she is actually an ALIEN! 

Something spooks about a half dozen night herons from their roosting tree…but what?

Flying high and towards the nesting sight I spot what I believe is the female nesting Great Bald Eagle. She has returned to the area. 

The Black Crowned night herons are not the only ones is the Tricolored Heron...

So is George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron!

Spunky the female belted Kingfisher has her feathers in a wad too! 

The Great Egret is really upset over something it saw too!

George takes flight!

The Little Blue Heron juvenile is so upset it can't "contain" itself !

And then resumes flight...

A shadowy figure alerts the doves..

The doves take flight before the feathers fly..

Danger seems lurking everywhere now! (Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk)

Whether hawk, dove, heron or human…something ill blows in the wind…so keep alert and think on what is good and right...

And just consider the birds…they neither toil nor reap nor gather into barns...

And just be happy! Joy comes in the morning..


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