The rain falls...

     Into everyones life a little rain must fall. And the rain falls on the just and the unjust we are told. Finally got my lens and camera back but after using it I could not get them separated to change lenses and something broke again…sent the lens back to the shop. And the rain keeps coming down. Talk about frustrated. On the brighter side,  I did get a shot of the (not so) "Super Moon" although a few days late.

     Before I sent the lens back (third time) I did manage to get a few very close up shots of my Tricolored Heron friend and they seemed to me to be fairly sharp.  He is looking in on you right now and he sees everything. I borrowed a friend’s 100-400 mm lens but it just didn’t focus well with my camera. While I was taking some bird photos a hawk swooped out of the sky right in front of me and took a dove.  The feathers floated down on top of me. Bummed me out a bit.  So I decided to get the macro lens out and go chase bugs and lizards instead. I am learning about our local butterfly population in the interim. I photographed a Gulf Fritillary, a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail female (Eastern tiger swallowtail is the state butterfly of Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina and Delaware.), a Long Tailed Skipper and some other yet to be identified large butterfly or moth? Do you know what the differences are between Butterflies and moths? Me neither. Butterflies have a proboscis to get nectar/food from flowers while moths live off stored fat from the larval stage. Butterflies use the sun to warm up, moths flap their wings to keep warm.  Butterflies rest mostly with the wings closed, moths mostly with them spread out. Butterflies have no ears and can’t hear, moths can. Butterflies use sight to select a mate, moths use scent. Butterflies are active mostly in the day, moths at night. Butterflies make a Chrysalis and hang from branches and or other support, moths make a cocoon on or underground. Butterflies are usually more colorful too.

And the rain keeps coming down. We need it for the grass I know but is sure makes steamy August weather here in Florida. Wish I could send some to the stranded and persecuted refugees in Iraq who need it.  Lord help them. Please! No one else seems to care much now (after all we gave them some airdrops of water and food). But I know that You do. Be blessed. Harry

Waning Gibbous "Super" Moon 12 Aug 2014

Storm clouds are coming…quips the Tricolored Heron.

Looks like more rain to me…says my weather eye..

I see everything from up here. Right now I have my eyes on YOU!

Am I a moth or butterfly? Answer- Moth, Carolina Sphinx

Is this a Proboscis or not?  (not)

A Gulf Fritillary or passion butterfly

Long Tailed Skipper Butterfly (note the long Proboscis).

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (female) 

Flying Green June Beetle

Leaf Footed bug

Bumble Bee…Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzzz..

Somebody say bugs?

Here comes the wind..then comes the rain...

So am I the just or unjust?…still getting rained on here…can't wait to get that lens back..till then…be blessed.

Sundown on the Broward..


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