Summer Breeze

     A refreshing mid-summer breeze is blowing from the west over the Broward as the sun begins its job of lighting the morning sky.  Recent rains have turned the brown marsh grass a cool summer green color that reflects on the water coming through the channel. The Red-Wing Blackbirds are busy flying to and fro throughout the marsh. Sentinel birds sound the alarm as the Red Shouldered Hawk announces its presence. The hawk is quickly “escorted” and harassed out of blackbird “airspace” in a hurry. Another morning begins on the Broward.

     As I walk up the dock with my chair in my left hand and camera in my right I see George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron, wing towards me and attempt to land on one of the poles of gourd shaped birdhouses in the neighbors yard. Pure instinctive reaction causes me to raise the camera in a one-arm sweep and push the doohickey. It looks like a perfect three toe landing. However, a closer look at the photos reveal it was far from perfect and ole George barely made it. Must have been all those crabs it has been eating adding too much weight for the landing calculations.

     Continuing up the dock I notice a group of Great Egrets flying east over the river. Their white feathers gleam in sharp contrast with the crisp blue sky in the background. Suddenly, the amorphous flying group fans out in a V shaped formation often seen in migrating ducks and geese. By George, I have a hedge (of Egrets) in a flying wedge (A group of egrets/herons is called a scattering, sedge, siege, or a hedge).  I also catch a few frames of a pair of Green Herons again heading east up the river.  I hope to get some closer photos of this pair one of these days. If I had a boat I would follow them.

     August is upon us as we enter the main hurricane season.  Potential storms are already rolling off the coast of Africa. The Storms of Life affect all of us, good or bad, young or old.  It is not a coming judgement day or punishment. Bad things happen to good people sometimes. One day we will know the reason why. Think of the good times, the refreshing summer breezes, the warm glow of green grass on the river.  Look at these birds on wing. Someday we too will fly home with them. Till then..Be Blessed..Harry


A refreshing "Summer Breeze" blows on the Broward.

The Red Shouldered Hawk announces its presence and is quickly "escorted" out by the sentinel Red-Winged Blackbirds.

As I walk up the dock I catch "George" the Yellow Crowned Night Heron coming in for a landing. 

George Flares his wings to land on the perch. 

Opps, he misses the pole! To fast a descent from too many crab sandwiches?  

A not so perfect three toe landing! 

A Hedge (of Great Egrets) in a flying Wedge V-shaped formation! Their white feather gleam in contract to the summer blue morning sky.

Great Egret makes a more Graceful landing approach! 

The flare out! 

And a gentle touchdown! George needs to take some lessons! 

Green Heron fly by.  Hope to see more of these later!

Osprey looking for lunch!

Floating on a Summer Breeze, the Little Blue Heron wings by on a sky blue morning!  "Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing like the jasmine in my mind!"

Pileated Woodpecker streaks across the sky like a Rocket-man! will we someday!


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