Nothing new under the sun..?

     I was reviewing last April’s blog for this time of year. Not much has really changed for this year. There are still very few birds on the Broward during this spring nesting season. The list of sightings recently is identical to last years. Actually, that is very reassuring to me. The Good Book says there is nothing new under the sun. Things go on like they did before when things are normal. But who thinks anything is really "normal" when you read the world news and politics. Thank you Lord at least the Broward scenery hasn’t changed.

     The Great Egrets and other local herons are all showing the breeding colors of spring. My neighbor Doug calls me and asks me “Have you seen the Blue (aka INDIGO) Buntings?".  He has a number of them in his yard right now. He also sends me a photo of Painted Bunting! I have been hoping to see one of those for years and there was one right beside my house this past week and I didn’t know it.  I am camping out this week by the bird feeders hoping it will return. There is some sad news to report also. Something got the Carolina Wren "mommy" I think…the eggs and nest were abandoned for over a week. And now for a bit of good news.  It seems another pair of wrens have just taken over the nest. Maybe we will see some new wrens hatch anyway. While I am waiting for the buntings  and for river bird traffic to pick up I observe a number of other “Shirley Birds” also. Hope you enjoy them.

     I look forward to the arrival of new sightings each day and was thrilled to see my first close up of a Red-Tailed Hawk and several other birds. Things we often think are new or unusual really are not. We were just looking in the wrong direction perhaps and missed them. Soon I will see that flash of pink and know the Roseate Spoonbills are back. Until then, there is nothing (else) new under on the sun or the Broward this week. But you know, that is a good thing. Be Blessed. Harry


There is one thing new under the sun on the Broward. First close up of a Red Tailed Hawk that I have been seeing.

This Red Headed Woodpecker is another new one for me.

See that bright blue little bird on the bottle-brush INDIGO Bunting..yet another new one for me.

Indigo Bunting feeding in the bird-feeder. Now that is Electric Blue!

This little Misses Indigo Bunting..not so bright as its mate!

This little Misses Indigo Bunting..not so bright as its mate!

Northern (or Red) Cardinal, female awaits her turn at the feeder.

If you have an itch scratch it, even if you have to use your feet!. Male Northern Cardinal

Pair of House Finches wait their turn on the feeder. She is complaining the doves are eating too much it seems.

Purple Martin pair. The male is telling the wife, it is your turn to get the bugs..I did it last time!

Small Spotted Sandpiper in breeding colors (the spots)..

George, the Yellow Crown Night Heron and a few other Egrets are the only ones on the river lately.

Muddy raccoon hears the doohickey click.

Can someone help me ID this one? Often seen feeding with the other birds at the feeders..:)

You know it is spring when a Baltimore Oriole shows up to play ball!


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