Beyond the Broward, the Coming Signs

     In the early morning hours on the 15th of April the first of four coming “Blood Moons”, or lunar eclipses occurred. According to some researchers this is a sign of coming changes about to happen on this earth below. Unfortunately, due to the cloud cover, all I could do was get an obscure glimpse as the earths shadow passed between the moon and the sun. Shortly after 4 am the sky momentarily cleared and I did indeed behold a blood moon before me. However, the only blood color I was able to clearly see was that which I let myself as the IRS withdrew even more again this year.

     For this second Beyond the Broward edition I paid a visit to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm rookery. There were sure signs of spring as nesting marsh birds waited for coming signs of life in the eggs securely covered by their warm feathers and watching eyes. Great Egrets with their long bright white plumes and green eye shadow colors of the breeding season were building nests by the dozens. At least four nests had recently hatched chicks in them.

     I saw one bird I recognized immediately as the great Theodore “TR” Roosegret. You know, the one whose famous quote was “Fly swiftly and carry a big stick”. This was no doubt penned in response to its mate nagging to make yet another addition to the nest. Along with the Great Egrets were handsome (sorta) Wood Storks, flying Tricolored Herons with bright blue beaks, demure Roseate Spoonbills, and squawking Snowy Egrets. They were all busy going about the true coming signs of spring as they prepared nests or gently covered recently laid eggs. A new generation of marsh birds is waiting to be born.

     Although I could only dimly see this first Blood Moon event with my eyes for most of the night, my heart did indeed quicken at the brief red sight. Is a new generation in heaven about to be born?  I certainly hope so with all my soul and with all my might. In the meantime I will watch the coming signs on the earth below me, with the birds before me, and the sky above me. Be blessed. Harry

Blood Moon over the Broward 15 Apr 2014 4 AM.

Spring is definitely in the air on the Great Egret Nests

Hey, watch me do my NBC turkey imitation!

Great Egret eyes show the green mating colors

Arching display of feathers, Quick push the doohickey, my back is killing me!

Get another stick she says..we have additions coming to the nest.

Theodore "TR" Roosegret, "Fly Swiftly and carry a Big Stick"

Tricolored Heron in Breeding colors, blue beak and maroon legs.

Heavenly flight!

Wood Stork glides "like a swan"

Look Out..sightseeing Bi-plane flies too close for comfort.

 A New Generation waiting to be born! Snowy Egret on nest.

Proud Parent! Great Egret with chicks.

Blood Moon photo taken over Brillion Wisconsin 15 April 2014, Copy by Photographer David Andre with permission.


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