State of the Broward Address

     Well, the politicians have had their say recently on the State of the Union address. I slept through it so I hope I didn’t miss too much. Speaking of missing, my Tricolored Heron has yet to be seen this year. Hope he returns ok soon. As far as the State of the Broward, things are reallllly slooowwww. There has been little sunshine, lots of fog and rain, and not much activity. Hmmm, kind of like Washington DC wouldn’t you say?

     The Brown Pelican, Little Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, Cormorant, Anhinga, Hooded Merganser duck, and Pied Billed Grebe are all active this time of year albeit in small numbers. Capturing them in good light is a challenge though. Goose pond is still very active. However there is a recent move by the local conservation folks to turn it over to the State Government for control of “humans”.  So much for the future of photography opportunities there. I recently attended a few photography workshops in Titusville at the Space Coast Wildlife and Birding Festival. I am hoping to improve my photography skills this year and work on focus and exposure (with the camera that is). I have a few nice photos to share in February from the workshop I think you will enjoy. There is a special Valentines story I am working on.

     As for the rest of the world, well it sure seems to be going downhill fast to me. But the good news is gas is cheap for now. So take a ride somewhere, grab some coffee, visit a friend or family and please tell them you love them.  Be Blessed. Harry



Blue Moon and Old Man River over the Broward

Old Man River the Great Blue Heron assumes his timeless vigil. I have this same photo now for three years running. 

The Brown Pelican has returned to the Broward, soon I hope to ride with Tommy the Crab fisherman for some close up opportunities.

My "Little Buddy" the Tricolored Heron has not been seen since the last week of December.

The Canada Goose population is still getting that free corn on Goose Pond

Conservation efforts soon my hinder photographers opportunities on Goose Pond. Have to keep those Humans under control it seems.

Very few birds were seen on a recent outing to the Okefeenokee Swamp

Very few birds were seen on a recent outing to the Okefeenokee Swamp

No one here in the swamp but us turtles..

My first confirmed Coopers Hawk fly by.

Pied-billed Grebe keeps an eye on my while I press the doohickey

Red Shouldered Hawk searches the trees.

Fly south for the winter she is warm in Florida…WARM MY TAILFEATHERS!


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