Happy New Year!

     Reflections on the past may seem futile to some, to others a needed time to pause to remember, a time to recall, reminisce and then renew. How did you spend this past New Year’s eve (or do you even remember)? I think for most in my age group we struggled to stay up to watch “the ball” fall in New York as the countdown to 2015 was completed and had a toast with friends or relatives and loved ones and then, quickly fell to sleep. But now a New Year is upon us and so begins another season of Reflections on Broward.

     This is Part 1 of my recent journey with some photo friends on a workshop headed by my friend and acclaimed nature photographer Jack Rogers. It was a chance to meet with some great photographers, enjoy photo opportunities with Jack, and learn new techniques and methods to capture and share photos of these wondrous creations of winged flight. We began (or should I say they began because I was late arriving) at sunrise in the Viera Wetlands. The Viera Wetlands (also known as the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands), located at the west end of Wickham Road in Melbourne Florida, were created as part of a water reclamation and treatment project. It is one of the stops on the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife trail you shouldn’t miss. These wetlands offer exceptional birding by car, foot or bicycle. My favorite subjects this visit were the Crested Caracara, the Roseate Spoonbill and, the Florida alligator. I hope you enjoy the photos.

      There are some places in life we just always like going back to. For me, the Viera Wetlands is one. Although we can’t go back in time, we can go forward with today because that is all we are truly guaranteed. So if you are reading this blog today on this first week of the New Year, welcome back! I sure enjoyed last year with you and look forward to sharing new photos today and hopefully in the year ahead. Be Blessed. Harry

The Crested Caracara, a local popular raptor species, flies by while Jack is teaching…sorry Jack couldn't miss this photo opportunity!

Another view of the Crested Caracara. Nice hairpiece!

Roseate Spoonbill liftoff! Talk about poetry in motion..

Spreading those graceful pink wings...

One last look..

An American Bittern poses for the photographers in the bright morning sun.

Little Green Heron before visit to Janet the hairdresser!

Little Green Heron after visit to Janet the hairdresser ! What a doo!

Northern Harrier female surveys the marsh wetlands for opportunity.

Loggerhead Shrike protests my arrival. 

Loggerhead Shrike looking for lunch..hopefully I am too big to bother with..

Blue-winged Teal female duck paddles precariously close to an alligator nearby. 

The alligator waits and watches!

I am going to keep an eye out for you this New Year!

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