Irritation and Annoyance....

     March has arrived like a roaring lion for the most part. The forecasts are for strong March winds to blow over most of the western states this week. The Editor and I are sitting on the back porch watching the birds gather on the dock. They are waiting for the tide to turn to feed while we are trying to get some peace, enjoy our coffee, and the morning light  (she is retired now). Suddenly the peace and tranquility is broken by the most annoying and irritating call of a young Red-shouldered Hawk announcing its arrival. The young loud hawk swoops in above the dock and all the other birds take flight.

     The following morning I am having my quiet time on the dock and once again I hear that very distinct, irritating call of this same loud mouth intruder. I spot it on a distant tree, pick up my doohickey and slowly approach. I pause, move closer, pause again. Finally I am just a few dozen feet from the tree with the source of all the distraction. Click. Red-shouldered Hawks, like many raptors, feed on other birds, insects and lizards. After a few moments it spots a large worm-like bug and swoops down for a tidbit before taking off to another perch. Before it left, I could have sworn it looked at me, turned around, and “mooned me” with its barred tail feathers. It’s way to communicate irritation and annoyance for me for taking its photo perhaps.

     How do you deal with annoying and irritating people in your life? My gut reaction is often anger but through the years I have learned that solves very little. The Proverbs teach us a soft-spoken word turns away anger. I am not quite there yet. I speak with my feet for the most part and just leave. But at least I don’t “moon” folks before I do it! Be Blessed. Harry

The marsh birds are lined up on the dock waiting for the tide to turn for breakfast

The quiet peace of the morning is disturbed by an irritating and annoying call from a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk

The hawk lands on the dock hoist and surveys for possible breakfast. The birds take flight!

The next day I hear the same irritating cry, spot the hawk and slowly approach with my Doohickey.

The hawk spots something in the grass..

Time for a morning bug tidbit..

Here's to you Mr. Doohickey!


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