The Bosn’s pipe sounds, over the 1MC  the duty Bosun’s mate broadcasts to all waking and sleeping souls, “Now reveille, reveille, all hands heave out and trice up. Give the ship a clean sweep down fore and aft. The smoking lamp is lit in all authorized spaces.”

I can still recall the sound of this waking memory even after all these years. It is time to wake up, put on a fresh pot of coffee and turn to for the day, make that bed and sweep those floors (or clean up dog pee). But don’t light up in my house, it is a designated non-smoking quarters. Gee, I wonder if the last announcement about the smoking lamp is still authorized in the new politically correct Navy. Or perhaps only if it is medical marijuana.

On the Broward, the birds have a built in reveille call. They arise before sunrise, preen their flight feathers, check out the latest weather report (ducks don’t care if it is raining), and head of to their favorite feeding site. If I am fortunate enough to make it out to the dock before they go upriver, sometimes I can capture some nice” fly by” shots. I sip my morning coffee and glance out the window. On the Lizard Lounge was a familiar Great Egret getting its feathers ready for flight. This Great Egret has been visiting the dock for years and has a favorite fishing hole right in front of the lounge area. The tide was coming in bringing lots of minnows and it was anxious for some morning snacks. The egret was joined by some other herons doing there morning routine also. I carefully crept down the back stairs to the yard and was able to capture a few moments to share with my trusty doohickey. Golden rays began to bathe the Broward as morning broke over the horizon. The egret had some misses and fortunately some success too. It then hopped up on the dock, gave me a hello, shook its feathers, and then gave me a wonderful fly by. 

As I walk down the dock towards the house I get an Eagle fly by too! I hope your morning wake up call brings you blessings today and always. Harry’

Fixing feathers on the dock.

Wake Up! Time for a cup of coffee!

Nothing like a good cup of joe to get your feathers moving in the morning..I’m all shook up just like Elvis now!

Time for some breakfast minnows…

Liftoff in black and white

Did someone say minnows? Tricolored Heron on the hunt

Where did that minnow go?

Been up all night with the other Night Herons

The Belted Kingfishers are back on the Broward too!

Time to fly on to the next feeding hole, I hear the mullet are jumping!

Graceful wings on the downbeat..

Topshot to top off the morning..

Another topshot…Juvenile Little Blue Heron..

Juvenile Little Blue Heron…they turn blue as they mature, white feathers as juveniles.

I get blessed with an Eagle overhead, you have a blessed day too!


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