Autumn blues...

     A dark rose colored hue filled the pre dawn skies. By the time I could grab my shoes and camera the hue had faded to a pale pink. You only have but an instant to catch it at the peak of color. Missed it! A waning gibbous moon was setting in the west. The fall harvest moon had since passed.

     So began another fall morning with little activity on the Broward. Autumn blues seem to overtake me.  A Little Blue Heron took off before I could capture a decent shot. Another of the blue herons, a Tricolored, landed on the dock and seeing me quickly sped up the Broward. A fleeting shot was all I could muster. In the distance I heard the call of one of the local raptors, a Red-shouldered Hawk traversing the river. Too far away. Perhaps it was looking for a fresh crow for breakfast. They seem to be the only birds frequenting the area. The female mate to the local Pileated Woodpecker did an over flight. The absence of the red-feathered band behind the beak delineates this from the male. At least it wasn't blue. 

     Some days a fleeting shot or two is all that I can capture. Hopefully the winter bird traffic will increase. Until then I will try not to be so blue...Blessings. Harry

Fading morning hues on the Broward

I've got the autumn blues because of this fleeting Little Blue Heron

Overhead shot of the female Pileated Woodpecker..

A waning gibbous moon sets in the west..

Fleeting capture of a Tricolored Heron leaves me blue..


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