Happy Mother's Day

     Happy Mothers Day..The Editor and I wish all of you Moms the very best. Speaking of the very best...we got to spend the day with a very special Mom. Mrs. Dorothy Begley spent a very peaceful day with us. And to top it off the Editor sprang for that lens I have been wanting (it was an early birthday present). And just in time, I had a special day at the zoo with another special Mom. She is a real tiger.

     Dorcas , the mother tiger, gave birth to a female cub named Kinleigh Rose last November. The female cub is almost six months old and recently recovered from a broken rear leg. Saturday the “Snapshot Society” got to hang out and spend some time with the tigers and a few other animals. Kinleigh Rose loves to stalk her mother and attack her. Dorcas puts up with the cubs playful antics but like all good mom’s, she knows when to administer a loving smack when needed. Tigers are the largest of the cat species and can reach a body length of over 11 ft. and weigh up to 857 lbs. There are only about 3 to 4 thousand tigers left in the wild worldwide. This makes Kinleigh Rose a very special tiger cub.

     The good book tells us “Let your father and mother be glad, let her who bore you rejoice”. We are also to honor our father and mother..there is a reward for that. The Editor and I are indeed rewarded each day. Blessings to you special Mom’s this day and always. Harry

Who's your Momma? Happy Mothers Day

Who's your Momma? Happy Mothers Day


HI!, I'm Kinleigh Rose..I am almost six months old now...I broke my leg not long ago..

I like to hang out with mom on her special day!

I sure love you Mom! How bout a hug!. 

Shhh..I'm gonna attack Mom and scare the stripes off her...

Otto the Otter says CALL YOUR MAMA and tell her you love her! Then show her you love her.

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