Spread your wings....

     The setting full moon in the predawn blue hour appears as a bright orange glowing ball over the treetops. We had a nice gentle soaking rain last night giving the spring foliage a much needed quenching. The coffee pot is ready, its familiar aroma fills the air. Time to head for the dock.

     The tide is low, the outgoing flow is channeled into a small muddy streams. This makes the minnow hunting much easier for the various herons and egrets, which count them as daily fare provided free of charge from our Maker. I wonder how they know each day just when will be the best time for fishing? They don’t have watches as far as I know (but since I retired, neither do I).  A Great Egret glides gracefully over the marsh grass and lowers its feet. As it spreads those broad white wings to land I capture the touchdown as its feet reach for the muddy bottom.  Later I watch as George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron and his mate Georgia, hunt for small blue crabs. The Editor and I have been entertained watching George doing his classic mating displays (however, not close enough yet for a photo op). While one of my dear friends and shipmates writes of mowing grass in snow flurries in Wisconsin, I watch snow of a different kind. A Snowy Egret stalks the waters edge in its daily quest for food. Like all good aviators it does a thorough wing inspection before spreading its wings and taking flight for other parts unknown.

     Got your wings ready? As I read the news about the deteriorating and fast changing world situation, I can only imagine the day soon coming when those who watch and wait do a final check and inspection before leaving for parts unknown (but eagerly anticipated). Blessings. Harry

The setting moon appears as a huge orange glowing ball  in the predawn blue hour on the Broward..coffee time..

Spread your wings..A Great Egret lands in the shallow outgoing tidal flats..

Time to eat..look out minnows..here I come!

Down the hatch..

George the Yellow Crowned Night Heron is definitely feeling that spring thing. 

Fresh crab...my favorite says George!

We still have some "Snow" on the Broward. Snowy Egrets that is..

All good aviators do a thorough wing inspection.

Then they spread those wings...

Then they spread those wings...

And take off....can't wait for the day I do too..

Billowing clouds in the late afternoon over the Broward

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