Tales from the Lizard Lounge..

     Recently I made a little modification to my small 12 x 16 ft platform dock. I needed a place to be able to sit down with my new lens and camera without bringing a chair. My original plan was one bench seat facing west to take advantage of the sunset view and another facing south for the river view with a small ramp between them for easy access. When I showed the plans to the Editor she immediately disagreed with them. Guess who won? The revised design now meets “her” requirements. I call it the “Lizard Lounge” for obvious reasons. The local lizards were the first to take advantage of the new benches to catch some rays.

     With coffee cup in hand, I wander down to the Lizard Lounge on this beautiful summer morning. There is a slight breeze blowing and already billowing clouds are blowing in from the east. George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron is up in the nearby tree silhouetted by the sun.  I hope to capture him taking off and flying by. All he has to do is fly by me to the right. Perfect light. I sit there for an hour waiting for him to fly and sure enough he does. But he takes off to the left and away from my doohickey. Another bird butt shot! Oh bird poop! While sitting there waiting I hear some strange crunching sounds. It sounds like someone gnawing on the pilings. Suddenly a small brown head pops up by the neighbor’s pier. A river otter! It must have been crunching on oysters growing on the pilings. Giving me a wet whiskered grin, he quickly swims past me and dips below the water. Not bothered by my presence, nor camera, he gracefully resurfaces with a tasty Blue Crab for breakfast. The otter then swims by me and continues its underwater adventures. At least someone cooperated this morning.

     In all fairness, the Editor’s design modifications worked out great. My friend Joe did most of the labor. I now have a cozy corner to prop my bad back and aching legs up on. The bench ledge makes a handy camera rest too! Stay tuned for more tales from the Lizard Lounge...Blessings. Harry

My original dock bench plans called for two benches, one facing West and one facing South!

The Editor's redesigned dock benches and ramp.

View from the river to new dock benches.

I now call it the Lizard Lounge as they were the first to enjoy it!

The lizards sure do enjoy these benches!

George was in a nearby tree, back to the sun...if he would only fly to the right

I see you Mr. Doohickey!

You want me to fly where?

Gotta stretch my legs and wings first!

Here I go!

George takes off ...

But in the wrong direction..Rats!

A River Otter pops up and gives me a wet whiskered grin..

He dives again and comes up with a Blue Crab breakfast!

The River Otter then continues on it's morning adventures..

The Roseate Spoonbills are back..saw about a half dozen..first shot of the season..

Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron fly by..

Black-crowned Night Heron fly by on a cloudy day..

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