The Epic Struggle...for Independence Day..and on The Broward

     Happy Fourth of July. Today we celebrate the epic struggle for Independence fought and won by our forefathers. Sadly the liberties and legacy they left us is being eroded daily in my sometimes “not so humble” opinion. I doubt that our Founding Fathers ever envisioned a day when a 33-year retired veteran would be forcibly removed from a private retirement ceremony on an Air Force Base and then thrown off base for planning to use the word “God” in a flag folding ceremony for his retiring comrade (at his friend’s specific request). Sadly, I must also report the epic struggle between the two Clapper Rail families of the Broward River, the Clapfields and McRails, is still ongoing.

     You may recall the ongoing feud that resulted in a family “union” between Clyde Clapfield and Nellie McRail. These two Clapper Rail clans lived on opposite sides of the channel on the Broward. However, family feuding could not keep these two “love birds” apart. We all thought last June’s birth of five cute little clappers would heal the decades old feud. Such is not the case. Recently I witnessed another Clapfield Clapper Rail having his “way” with one of the McRail females. A nasty mud brawl ensued between the relatives again. I am beginning to think this epic struggle will never end.

     I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God. Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. These words are no longer said in most of our public schools today. Why? And they wonder why we are so divided as a nation today. This division unfortunately affects families too. Is your family being divided like the Clapper Rail clans? There is an old saying that says the family that prays together stays together. Perhaps those who still believe in this nation should also pray. I believe there is wisdom there. Blessings to you and your families this Independence Day. Take time today to pray for our nation and your families.  Harry

Today is a day to remember our nations struggle for Independence...the liberties they fought for are being attacked..

That is because there are still too many bird brain politicians making decisions in Washington DC and our State and local governments..and now even in the military..

One of the McRail female Clapper Rails was taking her morning bath recently..

One of the Clapfield Clapper Rails crossed the channel...evil intent was in his eyes..

For mature audiences wasn't exactly love..

Harsh words were spoken on the marsh..the call for revenge was heard..

"You lookin at me" said one of the McRails

Feathers were ruffled on both sides of the channel again..

The McRail Clapper Rail male crossed the channel looking for a fight..

Soon the mud brawl was not a pretty sight..hmmm..seems like our  political debates today..

Let's pray for the true Spirit of America of our Founding Fathers returns to our land and families before it is too late..


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