Just Passin Thru...

     I have been following some of my Facebook photographer friend’s posts lately. This time of year you see a lot of folks staying indoors out of the heat and sun and working on some old photos. I have not been out as much as I would like either due to some recent surgery for skin cancer(wear your sunscreen when you wander out folks). However, I did manage to capture a brief visit of a very illusive bird “just passin thru” the Broward though.

     Last year about this time I had a brief encounter with a Least Bittern. I was anticipating another this year and sure enough I was fortunate to spot it. Per the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology “A tiny heron, furtive and surpassingly well camouflaged, the Least Bittern is one of the most difficult North American marsh birds to spot. Despite its inconspicuousness, however, the species can be rather common within appropriate habitat in its breeding range.”  One of its feeding habits is to straddle reeds to feed (this is one of my dream bird bucket shots). When alarmed, the Least Bittern freezes in place with its bill pointing up, turns its front and both eyes toward the source of alarm, and sometimes sways to resemble wind-blown marsh vegetation. This little heron exhibited all the above in my brief encounter. 

     We too are “just passin thru” this game we call life. I can just picture the Almighty looking down saying to the Angels, ”Look, there is that guy with the doohickey again!”  And then I’ll be gone, just like the furtive little bittern. Only I won’t be gone, cause you see, I am just passin thru too! Blessings. Harry 

The furtive Least Bittern, a tiny Heron that is not often seen.

When alarmed, the Least Bittern will stretch its neck out..

Is that a photographer over there? I hate getting my picture taken!

You can't see me now..I am just like a reed blowing in the wind..

But I see you Mr. Doohickey!

I was "Just Passin Thru" anyway...

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