Island in the sun Part 2

     A southwest wind is blowing over the Broward, temperatures are in the 80s, have not had to wear a coat in weeks. Spring is nigh if not already here in Florida. Our workshop group made another excursion to the Island in the sun. After culling through a thousand photos from day one I was determined to get some different shots and improve on others. The photos speak for themselves.

     Billed as “Spoonbills and more”, this workshop led by Maxis Gamez was worth every penny and more. I met some more great photographers and shared some matchless moments as we sat in awe at the beauty before us. Birds of nearly every feather in the marsh were there.  Maxis indeed knows where and how to put a diverse group in an environment where everyone could learn and improve their skills. We all came home with memories that will last a lifetime and photos that bring a smile to any face that sees it.  

     PS. The Editor is now Medicare eligible as we celebrated her birthday on my return. Unfortunately for some of my fellow Floridians, that chance won’t come for them. Senseless evil and a sick mind prevailed, for now. The debate will continue until we too find our "island in the sun". Blessings.

The workshop was billed as "Spoonbills" and more...Indeed it was. Here a rosy sunset of a Roseate Spoonbill returning at sundown. 

Catching some rays...Great Blue Heron enjoying the Island in the sun..

Sunset Blues...Great Blue Heron couple reunites at the end of the day..

Missed you Blue...Great Blue Herons showing affection with a hug and display

Light as a feather, this Wood Stork does an aerial ballet

Gently touching down..Wood Stork returns to the nesting site.

Great Egret with breeding plumage in display!

Great Egret in flight to search for nesting material, note the green breeding coloration around the eyes

Get another stick she says....

Female Anhinga with breeding coloration around the eye

Brown Pelican flying low...

Cormorant lifting off with nesting material

Spoonbill fly by showing breeding coloration of scarlet wing feathers and yellow on the tail

Close aboard fly by...Wood Stork with nesting material

I see you Mr. Doohickey! Roseate Spoonbill shows grace in flight..

"Spoonbills and More" Class Photo..Maxis Games on the on the far right..Photo courtesy of Maxis Gamez workshop..

Hard at work trudging through the swamp, wish they would drain it...(second from left is Mr Doohickey)...Photo courtesy of Maxis Gamez..


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