Snowy reflections..

     While I am starting to get proficient in the area of bird photography, I have a lot to learn about night time lunar and star photography. I attempted to capture the recent “Supermoon” rise over the ocean on 31 January. I had too much lens (too large) to capture both the quickly rising moon and its reflection on the ocean. I totally missed the blood moon eclipse because of my location but my friend Kathy Williams captured a stunning photo of this eclipse event in the mountains of Arizona which she shared for this blog. Thanks again Kathy.

     A flock of over about a hundred Black Skimmers were on the beach the night of the Supermoon. I captured a few images of these unique birds along with a Ring-billed Gull in the last rays of sunlight over the beach. Later in the week back in my more familiar territory I spotted Sam, a familiar local Snowy Egret standing near the bank. As I slowly crept toward it I could hear the crunch of frost covered grass which made my trek a bit treacherous and slippery. The light was perfect and the winds were light, excellent conditions for reflection photography. The Snowy was aware but not alarmed by my presence and I made all my movements low and slow so as not to spook him. Sam ignored me for the most part as he stood on one of the cement blocks/debris lining the bank while the tide rose around it. This hungry egret intensely peered into the water and would pounce on passing minnows, sometimes with success, sometimes not. My arms finally tired and I retreated to find a chair to sit in and spent another half hour clicking away with this intrepid minnow hunter. It is cold and flu season and at one point poor Sam appeared to have to sneeze. With his belly full, Snowy Sam finally lifted off his watery perch and took flight. I only had five hundred photos to sort through now to find the few keepers.

     I hope you enjoy these reflective moments, I strive for these kinds of images. In like manner, we too are to be a reflection of our Maker. I must admit I doubt my daily reflection is a good as these Snowy’s are most of the time. Something for all of us to reflect on.  Blessings. Harry

Blood Moon eclipse over Arizona by Katy Williams (with permission)

Black Skimmer on the beach before moonrise.

Last ray of light illuminates this Ring-billed Gull in the shadows. 

The tide is rising..Snowy Sam reflects on the morning

My feet are getting wet and cold!

Snowy Sam knows the tide brings minnows...

Snowy Snack one..!

Missed it!

AHHH ChOOO!  Cold and flu season ya know..

Sam, you are indeed a handsome looking fella..


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